Bantam Hens & Roosters

This lovely group has found a home.


These beautiful Bantam chickens need a safe haven to live out their natural life-spansBantam Hens and Roosters. Because they are living near a public hall, they are at risk of traffic injury and their droppings are being taken into the facility on the feet of visitors - so they must be re-homed ASAP.

There are 6-8 hens and 1-2 roosters. The successful applicant will need to be diligent in the confinement of the hens, and in egg collection, to prevent unwanted clutches hatching out.

Bantam hens are renowned for their large clutches & their expertise in hiding their eggs and turning up with chicks three weeks later.

Bantam Hens and Roosters

Animal Re-homing does not recommend breeding unless the cockerels can be equally cared and catered for.

If you are willing to travel to Auckland to collect them, please apply for their adoption with your details and a description/photographs of the lifestyle they would have in your care.

Many thanks.