Roosters: The Bantam Boys

This colourful trio has found a delightful home in Wanganui with a bevvy of beautiful hens to keep them company. A foolproof plan is adhered to so that breeding is impossible.


It’s hard to believe the state that these lovely sibling roosters were found in after they were spotted on the side of a busy road in rural Auckland looking absolutely bewildered. When they were rescued the next night, they were huddled together for warmth in theBantum Boys dark, in a boggy paddock, with the rain pouring down on them. It was obvious that they had grown up with man-made shelter and care because they were so vulnerable and so lacking in “street wisdom”. They didn’t even attempt to roost in or under a tree – they just sat there out in the open, chilled and shivering heavily – a heartbreaking sight. They would not have survived. If only cold-hearted people could see how their poor roosters suffer when they abandon them!

Rusty, Rupert and Max allowed themselves to be captured without any struggle at all...and once the mud was wiped off their sodden little bodies and they were dried off and warmed by a heater, they were tucked into dry hay where they were very quiet overnight.

By morning they were out and about in their pen looking for food and attention. These friendly little fellows are quite small, have gentle natures and are full of personality. They have now been wormed, treated for lice/mites and are in excellent condition. This trio are good friends who have been through a lot together, so it would be lovely if they could be adopted together, but separating them is a possibility if the right homes are offered.

They cannot stay in the foster home because there are already many roosters there and the pen is needed for further rescue work.

If you can promise “The Bantam Boys” a life of loving care and shelter for the length of their natural lifespans, I very much look forward to hearing from you. Please check that you are zoned rural, that your neighbours don’t mind the sound of crowing and that there are no roaming dogs in your neighbourhood to kill them. An interview process and adoption criteria applies. Thank you.