rocky4_he This lovely pup was offered four excellent homes and is now settling in very well with his permanent caregivers. Being first time dog guardians, last weekend his family started him at dog training class so that they can learn how to easily assimilate him into their lifestyle and routines. Below are some comments by the four primary members in Rocky’s pack. rocky5

“I have never owned a dog, but when I meet Rocky for the first time I felt an immediate connection with him. I am thrilled that he is now part of our family”. - Tony

“When Rocky moved into our house he also moved into our family. Rocky has a lovely sweet nature and I am thrilled that he's ours. Not only is he great for my fitness (going for his daily walks) but he's also great with the kids. Adopting Rocky is one of the best decisions our family has made”. - Claire


“Rocky is a great dog”. - Aidan – (age 11)

“I think Rocky is a really awesome dog for us. Today I was playing with my toy horses, suddenly Rocky came along and started digging in the hole that I was making with my horse because Rocky smelt a stick in the hole. Then he put his whole nose in it, it was pretty funny!” - Mikayla (age 8)




When the dog pound contacted me about an Australian Kelpie X teenaged pup named Rocky, he was serving his last few days on death row. (See the first photo of him in his enclosure). Before ending up at the shelter, this beautiful pup had spent his young life shut in a cage.

I desperately tried to find him a fosterer as the days disappeared. On the last night, an experienced fosterer came forward. The pound was closed, so the best I could do was send e-mails and leave phone messages on their answer machine and pray that they would check them before it was too late.

I called early the next morning to find that Rocky had been in the pen with other dogs facing a lethal injection, but he had been taken out when my messages were heard. His life was more than "rocky at that time...

Rocky Rocky

Well, since then, this 10-month-old pup has ecstatically enjoyed 10 weeks of fun and guidance with his fosterer, her two other dogs, two cats and a professional coach. He has also attended a dog training club where he completed a 7 week course and attained his Domestic One Obedience Certificate. Until (and hopefully after) his adoption, he will attend the Domestic 2 certificate training classes.

Knee height Rocky weighs just under 20kg and needs a home where his guardians are keen to continue with his training using humane and consistent methods. He must be allowed indoor and outdoor access and to sleep inside at nights. Rocky has excellent recall and is fully toilet trained.

Although he is curious and playful, his prey drive isn't particularly strong. However, he will need close supervision around cats, birds and other animals until he can be trusted not to give chase. A fully and securely fenced property is a condition of his adoption. Rocky is neutered, double vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated.

Rocky Rocky

To quote his fosterer, "He seems to win hearts wherever he goes...firm loving leadership required for continued good behaviour and growing confidence... thoroughly nice, obedient little house dog, a great companion for almost anyone, in almost any situation... barks if someone arrives at the house, but not incessantly.

Loves to be in the water, enjoys playing with the waves...picture of health, a happy little chap and very calm in the house. He knows sit, down, wait, stay and come.


If I give him 10 minutes off-leash in the park to let off some steam, he will then walk nicely to heel, at a brisk pace. He loves the car, and is great with all dogs, big and small, male and female, on the beach and at training. He can be a bit stand-offish with new people, particularly men, but if they ignore him, it doesn't take him long to get curious and come up for a sniff and a pat.

Once he has made friends, he remembers them. We have not had a lot to do with children, but when we have, he has snuggled up for a cuddle. I would love for him to have a home with all day company and if it isn't a person, another dog would be fine...wary of new things at first - unfamiliar shadows, new people...friendly, charming, busy little dog. Teach him the rules of his new home and he will bond with his owners. If they are sensible, firm, and kind, someone will have themselves a super little dog..."

I look forward to hearing from you all, but I warn you, Rocky may only be adopted by an equally super applicant.
Thank you.