Halfpint & Rasta



These senior citizen dog friends pulled a lot of heart strings and I am very grateful to everyone who offered to adopt or foster one of them.

You will all be as delighted as I am to know that Halfpint and Rasta found a lovely rural home and didn’t have to be separated. Their previous caregiver couldn’t believe it when a kind woman living on a 10-acre lifestyle block said they were both welcome to live with her - provided they didn’t bother the other animals on her property. On the day Wil took them to meet Christine and her horse, cows, chickens, sheep, cats, ducks and pukeko; Rasta and Halfpint were on their best behaviour. From that moment, they stayed with Christine and became part of her animal family.

Halfpint__Rastas_new_home1Christine says they have bonded well with her and enjoy walks around the paddocks of her Waitakere home and on the neighbouring 250-acre property. They supervise her doing the chores, tramp with her in the ranges, walk in the Woodhill Forest and on Bethell’s Beach & enjoy their indoor/outdoor lifestyle. They fit in with her routines, give her a warm welcome when she returns home and flop about on their favourite chair. Ratsa carries about a ball he found and occasionally offers Christine and old gumboot or his previous caregiver’s sock.

A vet check has revealed that their blood readings are fine. HoHalfpint__Rasta_new_homewever, Halfpint needs to have an ECG to disclose the severity of his heart murmer and also needs to have some dental extractions done...and Rasta neeeds special food and dietary supplements for his arthritis. If you can help with these significant costs, please let me know.

These boys are very fortunate to have found Christine and, predictably, she has quickly grown to love them too!



When his father was on his deathbed his son, Wil, promised him that he would take care of his three dogs for him after his passing. Wil has been managing this lovely trio in his suburban flat, but the landlord told him from the outset that they all have to go. In desperation Wil contacted me and has been searching for alternate accommodation. He is moving into a new flat next week where the landlord is allowing him to keep one dog only. That leaves senior dogs, Rasta and Halfpint, facing an untimely lethal injection and Wil distraught at the thought...

Both dogs are toilet trained and have been accustomed to an optional indoor & outdoor lifestyle, where they sleep in the house at night; and this must be allowed to continue in their new home(s). They are both deserving of a loving caregiver's time and affection and a happy retirement. If you have a securely fenced and gated property and can open your heart to one or both of these dogs for the rest of their lives, I very much look forward to hearing from you.



HALFPINT is a 27kg, ex-SPCA, 9-year-old Boxer X Rottweiler - although neither breed is particularly obvious in his appearance. Wil describes him as a red sable boy with big Scooby-doo type features.


Halfpint is alert and athletic, and is neutered, registered, vaccinated and worm & flea treated. He has always kept excellent health and has been recently vet checked. He is an exceptionally friendly dog who gets along with other canines and all humans.

To quoHalfpintte Wil,"You just have to look at his picture...what you see is what he's like...a big lovable goof, who is so much fun and loves to chew on a treat".




RASTA is an 18kg, ex-SPCA, 11-year-old Labrador X Whippet with a coat of almost white hair. Lumps & bumps and a slight limp aside, he is in good physical shape. He is the alpha dog in the trio and will not put up with his buddies stealing food from his bowl - otherwise he enjoys the company of other canines.

Rasta Rasta

Due to his age it would be best if he is not able to be harassed by small children. He is also neutered, etc.

Wil says, "Don't let the age scare you away...he's an extremely obedient and loyal dog who just needs boundaries and time to garner a relationship...

...he is very happy and active and still runs around the back yard and handles a long walk, although not as fast as he once was...he loves attention and actually smiles and wags his tail ridiculously..."