Oscar has found a new home.




Weighing in at 6.5kg, Oscar is a precious little bundle. Sadly, his caregivers are unable to take him with them when they go overseas and tell me "he just really needs someone to love and take care of him." X-rays have confirmed that he was born with a misshapen front leg so he eats Hills Science J/d for joint health to ward off arthritis.

Oscar Oscar Oscar

Perhaps because of his leg, Oscar is not particularly active, although there are times when he really enjoys a lead walk...so he should continue to be offered at least one walk a day. He also has moments of madness when he will encourage you to play fetch in the lounge with a favourite toy or when he will race around the garden barking with joy. He particularly likes squeaky toys.


Shih Tsu's have long coats which require regular professional grooming if their caregivers don't keep the hair short themselves. Oscar's caregivers have purchased electric shears for this purpose and manually trim his facial hair with scissors. It's recommended that his eyes are wiped with warm water on a cotton wool pad to discourage dermatitis. He stoically tolerates these maintenance sessions and his regular shampoos...although they are not his favourite pastimes.


Although Oscar is more of a couch potato than a craver of attention, he will greet you warmly when you come home and, when he's in the mood, he will climb onto your lap or snuggle up beside you for some affection. Oscar is very much an indoor dog who has outdoor access through a dog door when no-one is at home. A similar situation would be ideal.

A very endearing physical trait is Oscar's overshot lower jaw. Because of this, his tongue is almost always cheekily poking out of his mouth.

Oscar is neutered, registered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and flea & worm treated. His teeth are fine, having last been de-scaled and polished in mid-2009. He eats T/d twice weekly to keep his teeth in good order.

Oscar would suit an attentive adult home or one with older children. Youngsters and large dogs may accidentally hurt him with boisterous play. He is fine with family cats, but may howl if he spots an unknown feline. He is curious about other dogs and a bit nervous of them too.

If you have a fully fenced property, are in a position to finance Oscar's special diet & care requirements and if you can offer this little fellow a warm home with plenty of love, I very much look forward to your application. Thank you.