Rosie_choc_Lab_Patty_B_heThis lovely dog is now living very happily in Tauranga with Elizabeth and her resident dog, Wally. Her name has been changed to Sasha and, as you can see in the photographs, she is having a great life. Sasha is pictured in one if her favourite stick-fetching ponds, exploring a park with Wally and her extended human family and enjoying a cuddle from her new mum.
This is what Elizabeth has to say about her latest fur-child.

She is a really gorgeous dog and I love her so much, she and my little dog Walrosiely are the best of friends and play for hours together. We never miss a walk in any kind of weather - rain, hail or shine. She is very well settled in now and we are very attached to each other - in fact she won’t let me out of her sight, she is right under my feet when I am working at my computer and always wants to know what I am doing - so she keeps checking on me frequently if I happen to be in another part of the house. She is allowed inside at all times with Wally and myself and sleeps in my bedroom in her big dog basket at night and often goes up there to have a nap during the day. I have a large fenced garden so she can explore to her hearts content and she and young Wally chase each other all over the place up and down slopes through bushy areas and they are constantly together.

We go to a beautiful park quite regularly and she loves to swim in the pools there - she is very happy. She is very sociable with other dogs and justadores children; seems to gravitate to them. She is a very loving dog and very special to me, as my little dog Wally is too. Best wishes to you and Paul.”

Dear Rosie/Sasha has gone from one happy home to another. Her previous caregiver thanked me for making her aware of all the things Rosie would need in her new home and says, “It couldn't be a better outcome for each of us and, of course, particularly Rosie”.

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Purebred Rosie will be four years old next February, but she needs to be in her new home before 10th December 2010. Sadly her caregiver has to move into a smaller dwelling without a garden and, due to a back injury, she is unable to give Rosie the exercise she loves.

Rosie will make a lovely family dog or will bond well with a single person or a couple with lots of time to give her fun, exercise, swimming and firm but gentle training. With her large brown eyes, wagging tail and shining coat, she is a picture of health and good spirits. Rosie is accustomed to being allowed indoors with her human pack and this must continue in her new home.

Rosie_choc_Lab_Patty_B1_smlRosie is registered and has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea & worm treated and her teeth are in excellent condition. She has attended puppy classes and basic obedience and it would be great if her new caregivers continued with her training. She will chase a cat until he or she stops running – at which time she sits down and tries to be friends...supervised introductions are advised. She is friendly with other dogs and people of all ages.

Rosie_choc_Lab_Patty_B2_smlWhen asked to describe the ideal home for her beloved Rosie, her caregiver said, “loving, caring, responsible dog lovers with lots of space for her to run & pick up good smells, cuddles and talking to her, exercise every day and a sensible diet so she doesn't put on too much weight. She loves to go for walks and sometimes be let off the lead to ramble; be close to people; to chase and be chased and just to play and run after a ball. She needs & responds to firm but kind discipline”.

If you have secure gates and fencing, have a budget that will cope with emergency veterinary costs, and if you think you can offer Rosie a future as happy as her past, then I look forward to your application.