ThLara_heank you so much to everyone who applied to adopt Lara. She is now living with her new family who send me some lovely updates and photographs. As you can see by the photos, she has already experienced camping, sleeping in the children’s play-tent, making friends with a neighbouring dog and enjoying cuddles with family members (two-year-old Sanne pictured). It’s great that her caregivers have committed to professional training for Lara – expert help with a young dog can ensure a lifetime of pleasurable interaction with a canine companion. The words below give a lovely overview of Lara’s progress.

“We are completely delighted with our Lara. She is a perfect family dog and is settling in really well. Obviously she was very well fostered and socialised and this has meant that she has had an easy transition into our family. She does naughty puppy things like dig holes and steal the kids soft toys from the bedroom, but basically she is really calm for a young dog. I think she is going to be a laid back old softie when she gets older. And boy is she smoochie! She loves her cuddles.

We started training by having a one on-one-session with Joan, who you recommended, and will sign her up for evening classes with the Norwest Dog Club. In the meantime, we are doing the training ourselves, but mostly focusing on bonding by doing fun tricks and training with food rewards. Playing hide and seek with her in the park is great fun - she runs round like a maniac trying to find me and gets a treat when she does. She is a really easy dog to train (although we need some help with heeling).Lara1

For the last month we have taken her everywhere with us to help with the bonding and she has had two walks a day, one of which we always try to make a big leads-free run at the beach or Dog Park (Meola Reef is good). We highly recommend Kakamatua Bay on the Manukau Harbour. It is the unofficial “doggy bay” and she can run and run, playing with lots of other dogs and swim in the tide. She loves it there and sleeps for the rest of the day! She has also been up to the caravan with us. She was really easy and slept in the car at night time - not a peep out of her (unlike the children!)

Lara is good with the kids even though they can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. I think the kids need to go to training, not Lara! Our two-year-old needs constant reminding to be gentle with Lara as she tries to smother her with cuddles. We always watch Sanne with Lara and she is getting much better with her. Lara also has a new doggy friend - a chocolate lab called Meg who lives close by. Meg came to stay with us for a week in January and the two of them got on really well. We are having regular 'play dates' now and Meg will come to our house for day visits when we are at work. We are very lucky that Lara will only be home 1-2 days a week on her own and we can also take her into work sometimes. So, on the days when she will be home, Meg will visit for the day so they can work together to destroy my garden! Lara is a digger! She loves digging big holes in the sand and dry dirt.

Lara is a gorgeous girl and we feel very lucky to have her. A very happy ending!” - Monique, Mark Tui, Sanne and Lara

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Eleven-month-old Lara ended up in a dog pound when she was found wandering alone in Auckland during the cold winter months.

This very cuddly girl has been in foster care with an experienced dog trainer and is now ready for a permanent home where she will receive on-going training, lots of love, exercise, attention and patient understanding.

Lara_laying_Eliz_CShe has mastered basic commands and loves to give & receive affection - often rolling on to her back for tummy rubs. Actually, it’s not unusual for this trusting teenager to sleep on her back too, although she is full of energy and vibrancy when awake. Lara adores pats and tickles from all age-groups, so provided her training continues, she would be equally suited to living with a single person, a couple or in a family situation. However toddlers and frail folk may be at risk of being knocked over due to her uncoordinated romping at times of joy.

Lara enjoys paddling in water up to her armpits, digging and chewing, working out puzzles (e.g. how to get treats out of plastic bottles with lids firmly screwed on), loves walking on the lead for miles, interacting with other dogs, going anywhere and everywhere in the car, running, playing, being brushed and eating. She is a bit nervous of water being sprayed from a hose.

Lara_sitting_Eliz_CLara chases cats so introductions to any resident felines would need to be well supLara_sniffing_Eliz_Cervised during the first few months. She plays beautifully with other dogs so would probably welcome the company of a canine companion.

Lara is spayed, fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, micro-chipped & registered and a vet history booklet will be provided to her new caregiver(s). She may be adopted alone or with her very good canine buddy (See advert for Clara).

If your property is suitably fenced & gated and if you have the time, love and finances to put into the care and upkeep of this beautiful dog, I very much look forward to your application.

Thank you.