Chester has been adopted 


Gorgeous looking Chester is an exuberant 9-month-old Wheaten Terrier X Poodle X Labrador who needs a home with leadership & dog experience where he will be treated as a priority. This affectionate boy was purchased from a breeder by a family who have discovered they don’t have time in their busy lives to give him the attention and exercise he needs. He barks more than they would like and his energy levels far exceed theirs…so much as they love him, they want a better life for this excitable 20kg boy.

He has attended Domestic 1 obedience class and knows basic commands such as sit, wait and down. A commitment to further professional training for this medium-sized dog will be a condition of Chester’s adoption. He has yet to learn to walk comfortably on a lead - every time - and to come to the call – every time. Once he can be trusted with recall, ChesterChester_face_profile would love to be able to expend some energy romping in a leash-free area. He responds well to food treats as a training tool.

He needs a home where his caregiver is able to give him full focus until Chester feels settled and secure. For this reason we would prefer an adult household with firm but loving dog handling skills. Currently young children and frail people could find themselves knocked down by his bounding. Chester has a strong prey drive, so will need a home without cats and other small creatures. He thoroughly enjoChester3ys the company of other dogs, although his bouncy play can be off-putting to other dog guardians.

Applicants need to be aware that Chester’s soft curly coat easily matts, so he must be regularly brushed. To keep him cool during the summer months, a close clip is recommended. His eyes can have an allergic reaction to dust, so they will need to be carefully monitored and treated if they become inflamed.

Chester is used to indoor and outdoor living and the same access must be provided in his new home. He loves to chew and to go for runs, likes attention and would thrive in a stimulating, but controlled environment. Chester is micro-chipped, vaccinated, registered & neutered and his flea and worm treatments are up to date.

If you are experienced in dog guardianship, have a fully fenced & gated property and are willing to give Chester heaps of exercise plus the love & input he needs to be a loyal companion and a well-mannered boy, I very much look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Chester_sitting   Chester_standing