Jake has found a loving home.




Sweet-natured Jake is a big boy weighing in at 45kg with one of his parents a Black Labrador and the other a Great Dane. He is a senior citizen of 12 years and needs a happy, friendly, loving and easy-going environment to live out the rest of his life. The joy in his world is having someone around - so I’m hoping for a home where he will have plenty of human 


company, sleep indoors at night and have free access to the house during the day. With his shining coat and little white patch on his chest, Jake is a handsome gentleman who also enjoys the company of other dogs (and a resident cat & rabbits).

Due to his lovely disposition, Jake would suit most households, provided any children were gentle with him and could withstand him lovingly leaning against them. He likes to be brushed, doesn’t mind the hair dryer and he chats back in an endearing moaning, mumbling sort of way when people talk to him. His family is very sad to part with him after all these years, but they are leaving the country and are unable to take Jake with them. They are anxious that I find a very special home for him.

Jake_Mikey_B13In the words of a family member, “Jake likes going to the beach and retrieving tennis balls. He loves hanging out with our cat when they sleep together in the sun. He loves sniffing around the garden and going to new places with new smells. He is fairly moderate in his play these days, although he loves playing with bones and does run around chasing balls and sticks. He gets tired more quickly now so play time doesn't last as long - but he has lots of life in him! He really just likes being with people. It would be good if he goes to a place where he will be loved and understood - never abused. The ideal home can have people of all ages because he loves everyone. I think it would be good if there was at least one other animal in the home, especially another friendly dog”.

Jake is neutered, flea & worm treated and up to date with his dentistry, vaccinations and registration. If you are able to offer him a safe and loving retirement home on a fully fenced property, please apply. His favourite mattress will go with him to his new home.

Thank you.

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