Clara has found a new home.


Clara_face_Eliz_CBecause she is a very intelligent dog, Clara could become bored in an inactive or unstimulating home. This delightful young Labrador Retriever X is just over a year old now and is greatly loved by her foster family. When her original caregivers unexpectedly had to return to France at short notice, they left their pet at the local dog pound. Because she is so smart, alert, fit and loves to listen and learn, the pound staff considered offering Clara to the police to train as a dog in blue. However, due to her soft, loving and cuddly personality, it was decided that she would not be tough enough to join the forces. Clara_swimming_Eliz_C

Instead, she has been nurtured and loved by her foster mum and raised as a friendly pet. Clara is now ready to join a family of her own where she will need to be gently reminded that her humans are the pack leaders – not her. Clara gets along well with other dogs, will swim and play fetch all day long, and is very keen to be exercised at every opportunity. Clara is spayed, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated and fully vaccinated in preparation for her adoption. Her teeth are in great shape.

Clara is a responsive and loyal dog who thrives on one-on-one attention with her caregiver. Because she has a fascination with wheels, this girl will require on-going training around passing cyclists, etc. Professional training sessions or an experienced dog person would be best for Clara.

Her ideal placement would be where there's an area of land for her to romp and run - she will need to be exercised twice daily, come rain or shine. Clara plays well with children, but with her boundless energy, speed and size, she would be safest with older children or an active couple or individual.


If you have a fully fenced property and can give Clara a loving and interesting lifestyle with exercise at the centre of every day, I very much look forward to your application. Thank you.