Benji has found an ideal home.



At only 2-years-old, this dear little Maltese X Papillon X Pomeranian has already livedbenji1 with two families. Both of his previous caregivers returned to their countries of origin, each time leaving Benji confused and homeless. I now have him in foster care where he is learning recall and other basic commands. Because he was restricted to living on a deck and in a garage, Benji will also be house-trained before he will be available for adoption.

Except with cats, this affectionate little fellow has the loveliest, friendliest nature – he just adores interaction with other dogs and humans alike.

Benji_sleepingHowever, with his lively, loving nature and obvious intelligence comes a strong will and a yearning to be constantly near his caregiver. Benji needs a home where he is seldom alone and where his caregiver(s) will enrol him in a series of obedience classes. One-on-one lessons with a dog coach may also be required and, depending on his progress in foster care, on-going professional training may be a condition of his adoption. I am determined that Benji’s next home will be his final home, so applicants must convince me that they will be totally committed to his well-being.

Benji has now been for a health check and is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and registered. His teeth are fine, he has been treated for fleas and worms and, like many before him, he has enjoyed a complimentary professional groom from Linde at See the before and after pictures at the bottom.

In the words of Benji’s fosterer:
benji5“Benji is such a lovely wee boy! The more time I spend with him the more I can see he will nebenji4ed to go to a home where there will be someone with him for most of the day. He is really good with children, absolutely loves other dogs and just loves being in the water - no fear of waves at all. He shows no signs of aggression towards people, dogs or when his food is removed and he definitely loves his snuggles. He is a chewer, but i think his obsession with chewing can be trained out of him. I believe it has been his way of dealing with boredom in the past. He is a fast learner and loves doing the tricks he has learnt so far. He is going to need someone who can give him that extra training to bring out his full potential. Benji is going to be an awesome little member of someone’s family!”

If you can offer Benji the company and the security that will last him the rest of his natural lifespan, please contact me. Your gates and fences will need to be at least a metre high, he must be allowed to sleep indoors at night and to have indoor and outdoor access to your living environment. Thank you. 

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NOTE: Unless it is an emergency situation, please do not adopt an animal if you know you are unable to be with him or her for the length of his or her natural lifespan. Like human family members, animals thrive in stable lifestyles and should not be treated as disposable objects.