Thomas has found a loveley home.



This dear little four-year-old purebred Chihuahua cannot travel to the USA with his caregivers due to the cost involved and the future living situation. His distressed caregivers had asked me re-home all three of their dogs, but thankfully, have now managed to include the other two in their travel plans.

Thomas weighs only 2kgs and seeks a home where he will be adored. He is an affectionate lap dog at heart who loves to be cuddled, will play fetch for as long as his fluffy toy will be thrown for him, who enjoys the company of older children, adults of any age and other canine companions. He is used to living with a cat.

In the words of his caregiver, “Thomas is sensitive, and when he is sad he will let you know by a sweet whine - a cuddle cheers him up right away. He occasionally snores. He is very well behaved when getting baths. He needs to be with someone who can spend the time with him that he so much deserves. I would like to see him with another dog if the new owners are gone all day at work. I definitely don't want to see him home alone 5 days a week…”thomas2

Thomas is neutered, micro-chipped, registered, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and his dentistry is up to date.

Although not a condition of his adoption, it would be a bonus if Thomas could snuggle up in bed with his caregiver at night. He has a day bed and favourite toys to go with him to his new home.

If you have a property where the fencing and gates go all the way to the ground, if you would take Thomas for a daily walk and brush his long coat once a week; if you are home most of the time and have endless love to put into this endearing wee dog, I would very much like to hear from you. Thank you.


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