Luna has found a new home.


When relationships collapse and those involved go their separate ways, pets are often


 left with nowhere to live…even when they are loved to pieces. Through no fault of her own, Luna finds herself in this sad predicament and a caring indoor & outdoor home Lmust be found for her this month.

At five years, this 27kg girl likes to playfully interact with those she loves – tugging on toys, catching balls mid-air, chasing laser lights and being part of whatever activity is going on – so a home is sought with stimulating daily walks, gentle training and plenty of company.


To quote Luna’s caregiver, “Luna is very affectionate, loves cuddles and will snuggle up on the sofa with us. She doesn’t like the water, but having her mid-length coat regularly brushed is just fine. She sleeps on the bed with us at night or on the bedroom floor. She talks to us in the morning when we get up or when we come home from work and is SO excited to see us and have cuddles. She loves being around people and with them. She will follow us around the house just so she can be with someone. She will also sneeze at us if she wants something….”


With her mother a purebred Golden Retriever and her father a mystery-man, medium-sized Luna stands at about mid-thigh height. She was spotted on Trade Me and has enjoyed being one of the family dogs since she was a pup. She has never been fussed about long car journeys and because she pushes up against her family members when she wants a cuddle, she may not be suitable for elderly or frail folk.

Luna has had no professional training so her successful applicant will need to formally commit to taking her to a series of group training sessions to quicken the bonding process, to help her to learn how to walk nicely on a lead and to polish her manners. 

Luna gets along fine with cats, dogs and caged birds - her behaviour around farmyard animals is unknown. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered and recently flea & worm treated. Her teeth have just been vet checked and are in great shape.

If you can provide a loving home for this appealing girl with lots of attention and cuddles…and if your property is securely fenced and gated, I eagerly await your application. Thank you.

luna4  luna3

luna_nosy  luna_practising

 luna_sitting luna_smiling