Maggie has been adopted.


Purebred Bichon Frise, Maggie had been adopted by an 80-year-old woman when she was just 9 months, so although loved and cared for, she has lived a very quiet and sedentary lifestyle. Her caregiver was in and out of hospital more and more frequently and her daughter realised that caring for 7-year-old Maggie was too much for her now 87-year-old mother and contacted us.maggie3

Two hours later I responded to the e-mail only to find that Maggie had already been surrendered to an animal shelter. I knew that a shy 7-year-old dog would be unlikely to pass the adoption criteria, so quickly got in touch with the shelter to let them know I would be her back-up rescuer if required.

Although her temperament was fine, Maggie failed to satisfy the health check based on historical records and current issues and faced an immediate lethal injection. Thankfully Maggie came into the care of one of my fostering couples the next day.

A vet check revealed that Maggie needed her teeth cleaned and eye drops for a mild eye infection. She also needed to be micro-chipped. Other than that, her current health status was fine.

Maggie has been on a steep learning curve having led such a sheltered life. She is being walked in different locations, is going to cafes with her fosterers, playing with other dogs and getting over her shy demeanour. The deep staining around her eyes is beginning to fade, she is becoming more fit and her confidence grows with each positive new experience.maggie5

Her latest experience was a professional groom with Linde Walker who continues to provide her expert services without cost to the rescued dogs under the wing of Animal Re-homing. Linde enjoys giving back to animals who have provided her with her livelihood for so long - and there is no doubt that her brilliant results attract applicants. I have repeatedly noticed how happy, how confident and how stunning the dogs look when I collect them. I am indebted to Linde. The photos at the bottom show Maggie at the vet clinic on the day she came into my care and her beautiful new look following her groom.

If your property is fully and securely fenced & gated and you are able to spend a lot of time with Maggie, I look forward to hearing from you. She must be allowed at least one walk a day and to gently be introduced to different situations. Her new caregiver(s) will need to have Maggie groomed from time to time and to understand that this sweet natured little girl has led a sheltered life so she can be easily overwhelmed. Thank you.

maggie  maggie2