Trinity loves her new life on the road as a trucker's mate. Between trips she enjoys running and exploring the lifestyle block she shares with Rob.

In Robs word, "Trinity is the best dog ever - thanks for letting me have her. She's become my best buddy up and down the country."


trinity3 Trinity is a Lab X Staffy who is approaching her third birthday. Weighing in at about 27kg, she is a medium-sized dog who stands at about knee height. With her brown spotted ears on a pure white coat and a trim, muscular build, she is a very attractive girl.

Originally rescued starving on a chain when she was about 12 months old, Trinity has overcome her awful start to life and is making the most of every adventure offered to her. She was lucky to have spent the last 18 months in a loving home. Sadly, her young caregiver must now live with her parents who do not want a dog in their lives and Anna has to leave the country in the near future.

Trinity loves to go for walks, to meet and play exuberantly with other dogs and to interact with lots of people. With her high energy levels, she needs to be walked at least once daily, but two walks would keep her twice as happy! Although her recall is fairly good, she pulls on the lead and is a strong and active dog. Attendance at a series of professional group obedience classes is a condition of her adoption - which will also hasten the bonding process with her new caregiver(s).


A cat-free home is sought because Trinity will chase them. Although she adores children, due to her boisterousness, toddlers may be knocked over. Therefore an active and loving family home with older children, a couple or an individual would be most suitable.

This pretty girl is used to indoor and outdoor access and to sleeping on her own bed in her mistresses bedroom. She enjoys car travel. One of her cute quirks is that she likes to lay on something - anything. If a blanket is not provided, she will curl up on an item of clothing or whatever she perceives as a bed.

Trinity is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, registered and treated for fleas and worms. Her teeth are in great shape!trinity2

Anna describes Trinity as “…one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve met! She will more than happily cuddle and kiss a person. She loves attention and gets lonely if left at home alone, but she is good while I’m gone. She loves walks and swimming, and is obsessed with the beach where I take her daily. She will chase sticks far, far out in the water and dives for them. She likes to jump and swim over and through the waves. She is amazing in the water. Her sweetest trait is her love. It is extremely hard not to fall in love with Trinity. She is so cuddly and kissy. If I am crying or upset she tries to make things better. She will lick my face and dig her head into me until I cheer up. She is like a best friend. She really appreciates a good belly rub and a lot of attention. When I come home after a long day I see the love and excitement in her eyes.”

If you have good dog leadership skills, have a fully fenced and gated property, time to give Trinity plenty of love and exercise and if you are willing to commit to a series of dog training lessons in your area, I look forward to your application. Thank you.