victor1Victor is now in the care of the wonderful woman who adopted Pinot Noir. He could not have been offered a better home, caregiver or lifestyle. Vivienne stays closely in touch with me and often sends me photographs and updates on how Pinot and Victor are enjoying their lives. One of my favourite updates for Victor is below:

"Victor - I seem to call him Vicco more often than not - is one of the most gentle dogs I have ever come across. Even though he is quite a big dog and if he steps on your foot you know all about it, he is such a gentleman. At mealtimes when I am getting the food ready on the bench, Pinot stands there quivering and drooling and making moaning noises and Izzie tap dances around doing 360's at the smell - but lovely old Vicco just sits very quietly and patiently over by his food area. He is definitely aware that food is on the way but he is such a gentleman and always waits to be served.

victor--pinot-on-deck He absolutely loves having his belly rubbed and rolls onto his back like a puppy, waving his paws in the air and emitting little happy grunts. When I stop, he rolls over and puts his paw out as if to say "more please" and its impossible not to oblige! The interesting thing is that Pinot has started to copy him and when she wants more pats, now does the same thing with her paw. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks, eh?

All three dogs get on really well together and indulge now and then in little sniffing sessions, but for the most part they keep to their own space and seem to be happy. Although two are blind they definitely know the others' are there and apart from one instance when Vicco was competely unaware that he was standing on Izzie's tail and she was wondering why she was trying to move but couldn't, there haven't been too many collisions.

Vicco has his main bed in my room and another in the lounge - well, I have to confess that they all do actually - so my place is more like a Marae at night-time. He really loves to have a blanket over him, especially on the cold nights. He has has own duvet and loves to burrow under it so his head is covered and all you can see is the tip of his tail and a couple of back paws. I have a lighter blanket now it is summer but he still loves to be underneath it to be really happy and content.

victor-in-grey-bedding-viv-cHe seems to have found his way around quite quickly and knows exactly where to go outside to the loo and sometimes takes himself around the front of the house during the day. I have watched him and he knows precisely which way to go to get all the way back inside and then which way is the bedroom and which way is the lounge. Also he goes straight into the garage off the deck whenever he wants to as well - so I would say that for a completely blind dog, he has adjusted to new surroundings extremely well.

There is a lovely calm, beautiful vibe about Vicco and I am so so glad he is here with me. I really feel my little family is complete and when they are all snoozing in the lounge before bedtime, I look around and feel very, very happy. 


Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of Vicco and Pinot - I'm a happy woman!"


The first two or three years of Victor’s life are a mystery.

Eight years ago a tramper found victor1him as a dishevelled and skeletal young dog deep in the Mt Victoria northland bush. He named him after the region, took him home and enjoyed “Vicco’s” company for the next six years - until he took a job in Canada. Victor was facing a lethal injection when kind-hearted Matt took over the role of caregiver and best mate for the following two years.

Matt is now in emotional turmoil because, due to his own deteriorating health and his need to change abode, he is no longer able to give Victor the lifestyle he deserves.

In Matt’s words, “I have had no luck finding him a new home, probably because of his age. I really am between a rock and a hard place with this, and don’t know where else to turn to give Vicco a good retirement. Basically I’m trying to find him somewhere where I know he will be loved and allowed to live a natural length of life. I was brought up with lots of pets and can say that Victor is the easiest dog I have met. He is a very gentle, loyal, soft-natured and affectionate dog who likes reassurance and physical and verbal affection. He loves his belly rubbed and to be spoken to and to be included in household activities. Even if he can just hear you talking, it makes him feel good. He especially loves to hear "Hare Krishna" sung - funny I know, but he does. He is now about 10 or 11 years old and going blind but still has energy and a good lease of life”.victor3

Matt is concerned that Victor can be bullied by other dogs, so unless you have a laid back and accepting resident dog, it may be best if he is doted on as an only child. He is fine around children, but due to his age, supervised older children would be preferred. Victor would also be great with a couple or individual of any age group.

He enjoys 15 minute walks at the beach and wading in the ocean, but please don’t expect Victor to be a guard dog – he doesn’t bark at all – ever! Victor is comfortable with travel, has lived compatibly with cats and shows no interest in sheep or calves, so could probably live on a rural or urban property.

This appealing senior citizen is thought to be a Greyhound X Staffy who we have neutered, vaccinated, registered and micro-chipped in readiness for his adoption. He has also just had extensive dentistry. Victor is a little stiff in his hind legs and front elbow and is clinically blind...but, among other pleasures, he still enjoys a walk, a cuddle, his dinner, companionship and a nap.

If you have a fully fenced and gated property and a sensitive heart big enough to adopt a sweet old dog in his sunset years, I would very much like to hear from you. You would need to provide Victor with a warm indoor and outdoor environment, kind words, tummy rubs, walks and lots of company. And to help him to settle into his new environment, I would be delighted to teach you the Hare Krishna mantra… victor1

 Click here to read Victor's North Shore Times media appeal.

PLEA: Please help us with the costs of Victor’s vet check, blood tests, vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping, dentistry, lumpectomies, urinalysis, X-rays, nail clips, etc. Please Click here to make a donation. Thank you so much.

Please go to the NEWS page for an update on Victor and his medical treatments. Thank you to all...


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