When Barabara first cast eyes on photographs of Princess, her heart jolted. The soft face and the eyeliner eyes captured her immediately. It wasn't long before in-depth interview processes had been completed and we took Princess to meet her new Mum.

I had been concerned about finding the right home for Princess due to her extreme gentleness of spirit. I felt she could easily have her feelings hurt and become emotionally damaged. I would need someone very special to understand this. Barbara was that someone.

From the moment we arrived I could see that all of Princess's needs would be catered for. Her bed awaited her in a sunny spot of the living room, her toys were laid out on the hearth, big water containers were here and there, her food given to her soon after arrival, the fenceline checked and Princess was allowed to explore indoors and out at her own pace. As a compassionate ex-dog coach, I knew Barbara would have the skills to train Princess in the gentlest fashion.

When Princess quietly approached Barbara and put her head in her lap I knew everything would be fine. And when Barbara's grandson lay on the floor and wrapped Princess in his arms, I knew the extended family would be involved in her loving care - and that Princess's love of children would be catered for.princess_new_home

After three weeks Barbara told me, "It feels as though Princess has been here for a long, long time. She's an old soul whose eyes look straight through mine when she asks me for a cuddle. When I'm sitting down, she often comes and puts one foot on my knee and taps me with it as her way of seeking some love. Then she softly edges her way up my body until her front legs are on my chest and her face close to mine. She has helped me to ovecome the grief I was suffering when my last dog passed away. She is so easy to teach, enjoys her walks and she loves in a different way to any other dog I have known. You are right Linda, she is a very, very special girl. Thank you for choosing me to adopt her..."

I can't wait to visit Princess when she has had plenty of time to establish a strong bond with her human pack. On the way home, Paul and I went to the animal-friendly Loving Hut Restaurant to celebrate the gift of Barbara and Princess to one another.


Now that these beautiful puppies have recovered from their de-sexing operations, they are ready to go into fantastic homes.

Peanut and his sisters, Pickles and Princess, were born to a homeless black Labrador in April. Because her nose is just a little longer than normal, it’s possible their mother has a smidgen of Pointer in her genes.

Although their father is unknown, it is thought he may have been a Mastiff X English Staffy. Whatever the mixed breed gene pool, they are gorgeous looking pups who are expected to reach about Lab size.


Now 6-months-old, they are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated and have just been de-sexed.

Peanut is tan with a white chest. He is between his sisters in the photo of them in their red winter coats. This lovely, soft natured, affectionate pup was the biggest in the litter of eight – he was so fat and round at birth that he was named Peanut. He remains the heaviest of them all at 20kg.

Princess is also tan and white with a cute streak of white running up her muzzle. She was and still is the smallest in the litter and due to her sweet disposition and her emotional sensitivity, she was named Princess.

Pickles is black and white and is a very busy, curious and bright little girl who shares all the puppies’ love of cuddles, walks, playful interaction and food.

These pups have been in loving care from the day of their birth and this is reflected in their friendly temperaments and their love of human attention. Of course they also enjoy playing with other dogs, have boisterous energy to burn and must have immediate group obedience training as a condition of their adoptions. This will assist with their lead walking and recall and ensure bonding and leadership is quickly established.

If you own a fully fenced and gated property, have a budget to give a pup professional training and life-long veterinary care and if you have time and energy to exercise the pup off your property every day; then I very much look forward to your application. These precious pups win the hearts of all who meet them – could their ideal home be with you?

NOTE: If you are able to help with the expense of raising this large litter, please click here to donate.



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