Pickles has been adopted into a rural home with other dogs and lots of people for company. She is adored by her family  and is loving her new active life-style. Many thanks to the Dog Protection Society for fostering this lucky pup for us and to the other good people who applied for Pickles's adoption.


Now that this beautiful, 7-month-old puppy has recovered from her spaying operation, she is

pickles7ready to go to a fantastic home.

Pickles was born in Kaitaia to a homeless black Labrador named Bella. Because Bella’s nose is just a little longer than normal, she may have a smidgen of Pointer in her genes.

Although Pickles father is unknown, it is possible he may have been a Mastiff X English Staffy. Whatever the mixed breed gene pool, she is a gorgeous looking pup who is expected to reach about Lab size.

Pickles is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated and has now been de-sexed.

She is black and white and is a very busy, curious and bright little girl who loves cuddles, walks, playful interaction, playing in water and food. She enjoys eating apple segments from time to time and peanut butter in her kong.

pickles6Pickles has just had her fourth professional dog training session and is proving to be very smart on the uptake. She has been in loving care from the day of her birth and this is reflected in her friendly temperament and her love of human attention. Of course she also enjoys playing with other dogs, has boisterous energy to burn and must have immediate group obedience training as a condition of her adoption. This will assist with her lead walking and recall and ensure bonding and leadership is quickly established.

If you own a fully fenced and gated property, have a budget to give a pup professional training and life-long veterinary care and if you have time, affection and energy to exercise the pup off your property every day; then I very much look forward to your application. This precious pup wins the hearts of all who meet her – could her ideal home be with you?

NOTE: Pickles mother has also been de-sexed and adopted and is happily living at a vegan retreat in Kaitaia. If you are able to help with the expense of raising Pickles and her littermates, please click here to donate.

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