Pinot Noir

Pinot_faceWhen I interviewed Viv, I had a feeling she would be an ideal mum for Pinot. Then on the first day I met her, I knew she was perfect…and felt very happy to immediately leave Pinot with her.

Through my joyful tears, I could feel my friend Beth smiling her approval as I drove away.

On a recent visit to Pinot and Viv, this very fortunate dog was looking happier and healthier than I have ever seen her. Even her arthriris has improved tremendously. Such a happy ending!

I have received some lovely and some very amusing updates from Viv, including the one below - which warmed my heart no end.

Pinot"Well, it's been a while so I thought I'd better give you an update on Pinot.  She has been a breeze to have and just fits in perfectly everywhere I go. 
She just tags along behind when I go out walking and she gets me out early in the morning for a good old canter around the rugby fields. My old blind dog, Izzie, loves those walks too so it works out great for everyone.

Pinot is such a smart dog - she knows all the signs of when I am going out and gets all excited, following on my heels until I go out the door. If I have to leave her at home, say when I am going to the shops and can't leave her in the car, then when I get back, she is waiting at the door for me and boy does she give me a telling off! Even the neighbours heard her one time she was so loud. I find it hilarious. Of course then I give her another treat (coz she already had one when I left) and that makes her happy.

Pinot She has her own tag now with her name and my phone number on it. It is a yellow and black paw shape, just like Izzie's.

I have attached some photos of Pinot for you. My granddaughter loves Pinot too and gives her such lovely cuddles.

Pinot goes pretty much everywhere with me. We had a picnic up at Puhoi and when we went across the river from the park to the pub and shop, she just ambled along behind, no troubles at all - I have never had a dog that hasn't needed to be on a leash out in public and it is a real thrill to know that she just tails along behind me and is really sensible and so laid back.

Pinot When I go somewhere with her and if I am out of her sight for a few minutes, she starts looking around for me, so I would say that she has bonded really well with me. 

She regularly has her shots of Pentosan and is still on the maintenance level of tablets. She had a bath the other day and comes up really glossy, she is a joy to pat. The vet cut her nails a bit more when I took her in and I have to say she is a bit of a drama queen on that one. He was very careful but even so, three of us had to hold her while he did it. Her weight has stayed maintained as well.

So as you can probably tell, I am very, very happy with Pinot. I just know I am going to remember a whole lot more Pinot stories after I have sent this to you, but never mind."

NOTE: Vivienne also has Victor in her care.

pinot noir home  pinot noir home2 Pinot


Pinot has recently been bereaved and, due to the popularity of both Pinot and her caregiver Beth, many people contacted me about her homelessness. I too knew and loved Beth as we worked with others in the Long Bay-Okura Great Park Society for over a decade to save Auckland’s Long Bay hills from housing developments. Beth adored her Pinot and from the day she collected her from a pet shop, she would talk endlessly about her to all and sundry. Pinot has known a lot of love and this must be the main feature in her new home too.Pinot5_Sitting

Pinot is a Huntaway X Doberman who will be turning ten in January 2012. She is now micro-chipped, vaccinated, registered, flea and worm treated and has just had her teeth de-scaled and polished. Pinot has a bit of a stiff gait, although her spirit is bright and she occasionally breaks into a joyful, short-lived jog during her walks. She loves people and other dogs and is indifferent to cats.

X-rays reveal that arthritis in Pinot’s front leg ankles is quite severe. For this reason her weight will need to be kept at about 26kg and she will need to continue on her special joint support diet and a regular pentosan injection. We have just begun a trial medication to determine whether it will help with her ankle discomfort. Climbing up stairs and up steep slopes is where Pinot struggles.

In Beth’s honour and because Pinot is the sweetest old lady imaginable, I am determined to find her a home where she has a contented, well catered for retirement.

IPinot_Masterpet_bedf you have a fully fenced and gated property with minimal stairs, if you can afford to maintain the cost of Pinot’s arthritis needs, if you have time to take her for slow walks and can give her plenty of human company, then I would love to hear from you. Although she enjoys being with children, a home with gentle, older children would be preferable, so that Pinot’s tender spots aren’t accidentally knocked. A couple or doting individual would be equally suitable.

NOTE: Many thanks to Masterpet for providing Pinot with the luxurious soft bed (pictured) that will go with her to her new home, to Beth's son Joel and her close friend Stella for contributing towards Pinot’s care costs and to Ingrid and Daniel for so attentively fostering her. Much appreciated!

 Pinot_foster_family Pinot_on_rocks Pinot_paddling