Lucky Bree has been adopted.


Bree is a sweet-natured, very affectionate, 7-year-old, purebred English Bull Terrier who needs basic training with a loving guardian.

When human children came into her family there was never enough time to take Bree out and about, to exercise her or to take her to obedience classes - so one condition of her adoption will be a commitment to take her to a series of dog training sessions. Bree is a strong girl who pulls on a lead if she gets excited or wants to greet another dog and she cannot be trusted to come to the call if someone or something has caught her attention.

Another condition will be a lifestyle that affords Bree plenty of human company. A third will be that she must be exercised off-property for a minimum of half an hour every day, come rain or shine.

In recent months Bree and the other senior resident dog have stopped getting along, so the sad decision has been made to find a new home for the younger dog. This was not made lightly as the family loves Bree and acquired her from a breeder when she was just 11-weeks-old.b1

In order to keep Bree dog-social and stimulated, DOG HQ in Auckland have kindly offered her three complimentary days every week at their doggie day care. The owner of this facility says, “As far as playing off leash with a large number of other pretty full-on dogs…Bree is absolutely fine. She has absolutely no negative behaviours in this environment towards dogs or people”.

Her original caregiver says, This has been a really tough decision for us. Bree adores attention and is very sweet. She likes games of tug of war and general chasing games in the back yard with the children. She would love to sit on your knee or lie on the couch and cuddle with you - she just wants to be near you. In her ideal home she will get plenty of activity and will be the centre of attention. I think a couple or a family with older children would be ideal. Or a single adult - someone who would be happy to walk her every day. She needs a home where she will be allowed inside, sleep indoors at night and have a caregiver who will cuddle with her. She has always been perfect with the children, never an inkling of aggression and a lot of tolerance.  When they were babies she wanted to get close to them and lie next to them. Bree loves to snuggle and cuddle. She doesn’t really need a lot of space but cherishes human company. She can annoy cats by wanting to play with them”.   

In her report, one of our dog assessors says, All in all, Bree seems like a sweet girl who is just a bit bored with life. She definitely needs training and at 7 years old, this will not be a quick fix. However, Bree didn't seem too resistant to a stranger coming and telling her what to do. I think she would probably be quite happy with a quiet life as long as all her needs were met by her humans - i.e. regular stimulating exercise, training, interaction with dogs and lots of love”.     

Bree weighs 22kg and stands at about knee height. She is spayed, micro-chipped, registered, vaccinated, worm & flea treated and her teeth are in good shape. She can jump, so secure fencing from about 4 feet high is required for her.

If you would like to make an application for Bree’s adoption, I very much look forward to hearing from you. Preference will be given to applicants who have no other animals, so that all the attention will be focussed on Bree. Thank you.



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