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Having fostered Jessie for several months and having taken her through a series of professional training lessons with Rachel Butler from Take the Lead Dog Training, I wasn't surprised when John told me he was very attached to Jess - and asked if he could formally adopt her.

I was delighted to say yes!

During her fostering period, Rachel was pivotal in integrating Jess with the other dogs in John's life and teaching her basic manners on the lead and around her food bowl. She kindly donated one of her sessions and heavily discounted further instruction. We are very grateful to Rachel and thoroughly recommend her services.

Jessie adores people and enjoys the comings and goings of John's family and friends. Her life has changed from one of daily monotony to one with plenty of stimulation, love and attention.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in gorgeous Jessie.


Jess is a delightful and lovable 6-year-old Border Collie who is need of a new home due to her guardians not being able to give her the time she deserves.

This pet-shop purchased girl loves human attention and her wriggling, wagging, happy little soul craves affection. During her assessment Jess showed she has a very good understanding of general domestic obedience commands and is only too willing to please. She didn't mind most parts of her body being touched and happily allowed her teeth, ears and feet to be checked and handled. She also enjoys being groomed but is a little nervous when her hind end is brushed - so her new caregivers will need to take some time to get know Jess and show some patience when grooming her. Jess sitting2 Kim T

Jess loves to go for car rides. She has lived in suburban Auckland with two cats in a very quiet cul de sac. She enjoys running into the ocean to fetch sticks and is sociable with most other dogs she meets, but needs to be carefully supervised around small breeds. She loves to go for walks but tends to pull on the lead. Her assessor believes this is partly due to the lack of regular outings and with an experienced dog handler some light retraining will see Jess behaving well on the end of a leash. Her recall is excellent.

Jess has a very soft mouth and will take food treats ever so delicately from your hand but guards her food bowl and chew bones when Jess cuddledeating. Although Jess has never bitten anyone, she has not been around small children, so she will only be placed in an adult home.

At 23kg, her lack of exercise shows in her very round belly, so she will need to continue on a diet in order to bring her back to about 18kg to retain good health. This combined with regular daily walks will have her in great shape in no time.

 We recently had Jessie thoroughly vet checked. Her blood tests and X-rays indicate good organ health and her teeth are great. Jess is spayed, vaccinated, registered, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated.

This sweet little dog shows huge potential for being someone's very best friend. She is happy, small for her breed and would just love to curl up beside you. She slept inside with her last family and we'd like to see this continue in her new home.  She is a very loyal little girl who would thrive with an individual or couple who include her in everything they do.

If your property is fully and securely fenced and you will give Jess the fun-loving lifestyle she has missed out on, we look forward to hearing from you. A daily walk and attendance at a series of group dog training sessions are conditions of Jessie’s adoption. Thank you.

Jess drinking Jess alert Jess cocked head

Jessie at Nose to Tail Clare

We are very grateful to owner-operator Kath
at Nose to Tail for her support of our work with the dogs under our umbrella.

Staff member, Clare is pictured giving Jessie a complimentary pre-adoption valet.

Jess came away from there looking, smelling and feeling wonderful. Nose to Tail provides hydrotherapy in their custom bulit swimming pool - in addition to dog bathing and grooming. 

NOTE: Just like us, animals need stimulation and loving attention. Dogs need a minimum of one walk every day - regardless of the weather and regardless of their age. Old or disabled dogs may be satisfied with a daily outing. Please don't adopt animals unless you are prepared to meet  their needs for their entire lifespans.