Thank you so much to everyone who showed interest in little Thomas.

He has been adopted into a very loving home near Huntly where he has several other dogs for company and 2.5 acres of land to play about on. He has settled in beautifully and is already laying on his back and kicking his front legs together in his characteristic displays of joy.

His new caregivers are in regular contact with me. It's wonderful to know that Thomas is having a fanatastic retirement where his every need is met.


Although he has always received plenty of affection, sadly,11-year-old Thomas’s health and diet has been neglected due to his caregiver’s illnesses.

Six months ago, among other conditions, this senior, neutered Tibetan Terrier was obese, bald and suffered with severe skin and ear infections. In addition, his thyroid diagnosis had gone from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid. Thomas has a slight limp as the result of an untreated cruciate ligament tear.

Under the loving guidance of his fosterer Kelly (pictured below), Thomas has lost 2.7kg and his blossoming personality reflects his returning health. He now enjoys fairly long walks - at his own pace - and has been known to break out into a little canter when, tail wagging, he runs to greet a new dog. When he is feeling particularly happy, he rolls onto his back and kicks his front legs in unison. Very cute! thomas--samKelly says he is pretty relaxed (even around the vacuum cleaner) and is a great watch-dog who lets them know when a stranger approaches the house.

Thomas is now micro-chipped and is up to date with his vaccinations, registration and parasite treatments. His teeth do not yet require cleaning. He flew through his blood tests and urinalysis, but has a bit of arthritis creeping in.

Because he loves the company of his own kind, it would be nice if Thomas was adopted into a home that already had a welcoming dog or two to keep company with him when they are at home alone. Alternatively, Thomas would suit a residence where he has a fairly constant human companion. He lived with cats in both his original and his foster home, but takes a while to accept them.

Due to his age, we would prefer a quiet home where Thomas is loved and attentively cared for during his remaining years. He must have indoor access at all times and he must sleep close to his new caregiver at night. thomas-in-coat

When his thyroid has stabilised and he has lost a little more weight, Thomas will be ready for adoption to a fully fenced home with lots of love and company. Please apply if you think you are the one for this sweet natured, elderly gentleman. Thank you.

The bottom three photographs show Linde Walker with before and after pictures of Thomas. We are so fortunate to have Linde donating her expert grooming and styling services to Animal Re-homing dogs. Please visit her website.

NOTE: Thomas is pictured walking with young volunteer Samantha. Please contact us if you can offer volunteer time, fostering or donations. Thank you.

thomas-flirting thomas-finding-toilet
thomas--kelly thomas-mournful
thomas--friends.jpg thomas-laying thomas-standing
thomas-sitting1 thomas--linde thomas-after-groom