emma-february-2012-heather--susanToday Emma was adopted by a wonderful man who is looking for a companion. John has no other pets and has plenty of time to give her all the loving attention she desires. They fell mutually in love at their first meeting!


Five-year-old purebred Border Collie, Emma, is very loved by her distressed caregivers. They have five rescued dogs living on their rural property, but Emma is unable to live in harmony with them. She is increasingly jealous when her guardians show affection to any of the other dogs and she has already nipped some of them. They have persevered for 4 years, but her dog-aggressive behaviour has escalated to the point that they booked her in to be put down earlier this week.

However, they believe she would most likely be very happy if she was the “only child” living in a home where she received plenty of love and attention. They expect she would be best suited to an adult home where there are no other animals sharing the space.

In the words of her caregiver, “All Emma wants is to be loved and to be the centre of attention. As much as she is spoilt rotten and loved, she resents us giving any attention to the other dogs or cats. She has a jealous streak that does not allow for her to run in a pack….as hard as we have tried. It breaks my heart having to make this decision because, for the most part, she is cuddly and all she wanted is a forever home. Sadly, she refuses to share with the other animals and wants to be the number one priority. Her posturing has now got to the point that she will not break off, even when the others give submissive signals. We and a couple of the dogs have both been injured trying to pull her off.


If someone wants a dog who will always give them instant gratification, she is definitely the one. She loves being the centre of attention and could be petted constantly. She's not a dog who will climb on the furniture, although she has discovered the enjoyment of a cosy armchair at night. For the most part she is quite happy to lay beside us on the floor with an arm drooped down to give her a pet. She loves to cuddle up in her bed on the floor in our room at night.

Emma has never shown any signs of aggression to other dogs when we have been out. We think her aggressions solely come from jealousy at not being the centre of attention of her primary caregivers. She isn’t too bad on a lead, but tends to pull. (Our fault for not training her, I am sorry to say). She loves going to the vets and groomers, although she’s not keen to get in the cage at the groomers. She loves her food and could afford to lose another 3kgs. In June she had cruciate ligament surgery so we give her metacam on cold winter days. She loves car rides and must be an indoor/outdoor dog who sleeps near her caregivers at night.
Emma will not run and fetch balls or sticks, but she does love a good kong to chew and squeak as she bounces around the back yard. She also loves soft toys if you don't mind the mess, when she decides it’s time to pull all the stuffing out”.


This is Emma’s last chance to be saved. Is there someone out there with no pets, with a fully fenced property who is looking for a loving companion? Her new guardians will have some options. To keep Emma as a strictly stay-at-home dog and to carefully supervise/separate if other dogs come to visit. To put a muzzle on Emma each time she leaves the property with them until they determine whether she is OK around unknown dogs. To engage an experienced, reward-based dog handler to help Emma to accept other dogs coming into the vicinity of her caregiver(s). Obviously we would prefer that she is taken to group obedience classes along with option three.


I’m sure there will be someone out there who would be ideal for Emma. Please contact me today if you are able to help. Although her current caregivers think Emma may be OK in a different situation, they have also been very clear with me. If Emma nips one of their other dogs before a home is offered for her, she will be given a lethal injection. So there is urgency in this situation.

Emma is spayed, registered and micro-chipped. Her teeth are in good condition and she is up-to-date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. She is currently living near Huntly.

Thank you.