While I was delighted to simultaneously receive several lovely applications for Nayla, her fosterers, Kelly and Simon, fell strangely silent...

The next day they told me that her upcoming adoption made them realise that they couldn't bear to part with her. They applied for her adoption themselves and I am happy to advise that they easily met my strict criteria. Nayla will remain in her very happy home!

Many thanks to those of you who showed interest and concern for this beautiful girl and extra special thanks to Sara for paying Nayla's release fee. Please don't forget death row pound dogs when you go in search of a canine companion.

I have now lost an excellent foster home. Please let me know if you are in a position to care for rescue dogs until I find them ideal placement. Thank you.


Because 2-year-old Nayla is such a friendly young girl, the dog pound staff couldn’t bring themselves to lethally inject her when the standard holding time arrived. However, after 6 weeks of advertising, still no-one had come forward to adopt her. When her advert stated that her “time was up”, fortunately members of the public alerted me to Nayla’s plight and I collected her from the shelter. The second photo shows her in the back of my car on the day I collected her from the pound.

With her predominantly white coat interspersed with brown patches, she is as cute as a button. We can see that her parentage included Staffy and possibly Labrador, Jack Russell and/or Heeler. Whatever, the mix, the end product is a lovely, medium sized dog weighing about 21kg.

Nayla plays boisterously with other dogs and could happily live in a multi-dog household. Her foster home includes another dog and two cats who have been carefully introduced over time.


She is attracted to children, and will greet everybody with a wagging tail, so she is not an ideal watchdog - although she will give a bark if someone arrives at the door. Because she is so strong, speedy and energetic, Nayla would not suit frail or elderly people or toddlers - without careful supervision.

Nayla is also very attracted to fetching balls and sticks – so there would need to be at least one of them in her toy kit, along with a tug-of-war rope.

Kelly (her fosterer) has gradually been introducing Nayla to the joys of water and she will now go into lakes, ponds and steams – and, more recently, shoreline waves.

Nayla bonds strongly and loyally, so her next home must be her life-long one. It will be emotionally wrenching for Nayla to leave Kelly, so her new caregivers will need to be extra sensitive to her sadness for the first months and, because she loves company, they will need to spend plenty of time with her at home and on at least one or two daily walks.


Nayla loves to please and is quick to learn – especially if food treats are involved, which she accepts with a very soft mouth. Although she has some basic commands and is good at leash-walking, she would do well at group dog obedience classes. This attendance will be a condition of her adoption.

Kelly says, “At the end of the day when she has enjoyed time at the park or beach and her tummy is full, Nayla loves to curl up on the couch with us for a cuddle – sometimes even in our arms” (See the final photo).

I have had Nayla spayed, micro-chipped, registered and treated for fleas and worms. This smart, busy and sweet natured dog is now ready for adoption.

Approved applicants are welcome to visit her on the North Shore of Auckland. I look forward to your application.

Thank you.


nayla--bonnie1 nayla-cheeky
nayla-bushwalk nayla-with-child nayla-with-simon