We are delighted to report that Toby has been adopted into a wonderful home in Taupo...


Thankfully, I was alerted to the plight of two beautiful puppies who had been dropped off at a dog pound and were listed to be killed that very day. I phoned immediately and asked for a stay of execution for them. The little female was quickly adopted and is thriving in her busy family home.

Their mother is a tan coloured Staffy, while the breed(s) of the father is unknown. Toby has just turned 9-months-old and weighs 25kg, so we expect him to grow into at least a medium-sized dog. With his dark chocolate coat, his white-splashed chest and his wagging tail, he is an appealing and handsome boy whose appetite suggests some Labrador genes.

Toby has now been neutered, micro-chipped, double vaccinated, registered and treated for fleas and worms.

In his Auckland foster home, Toby is one of the family which includes two adults, two teenagers, a cat and a resident dog. He enjoys many activities with them - going out in the car and running leash-free at parks and beaches. He has been inside a noisy cheerleading gym, to large school cycling competitions, in crowds and in heavy traffic situations. He handles each new experience well.

He is a submissive boy, friendly to everyone and gentle with dogs of all sizes. He approaches adults and children calmly and doesn't jump up or pester people. He loves being a house-dog and happily sleeps inside in his crate at night. He has indoor and outdoor access and is learning to ask to go outside if the doors are closed. Toby loves napping in the sun.


At play time he is full of bounce and loves to chase and play with his smaller house-mate, who is the top dog. At this stage of his development shoes and other valuables need to be kept out of his reach…or lost to his eager chewing. Toby is fed twice a day and one of those meals is through a treat ball, which is a great mental challenge for him.

We are very grateful to dog coach Tania Nilsen from The Canine Club who offers us her expertise at no charge. Toby loves learning obedience and the many tricks that keep him stimulated. Tania is happy to transition Toby from his foster to his permanent home – if he remains in the Auckland area.

Please apply for Toby’s adoption if your property is securely fenced and gated and if you have plenty of time to walk, train, cuddle and play with him. He would suit an active couple, an individual or a family with older children. Thank you.

NOTE: Many thanks to The Living Print for donating the first gorgeous photograph of Toby.

toby--child1-sarah-k toby--josh-on-grass toby-being-cuddled
toby-in-sea-sarah-k toby-posing-sarah-k toby-socialising-sarah-k
toby-playground-greetings toby-running toby-sarahs-arms
toby--child-sarah-k toby-at-beach toby-back-view
toby-standing toby-vet-check toby-face-sarah-k
toby-cute toby-in-arms-sarah-k toby-on-couch-sarah-k