Ruby left her original foster home and completed her rehabilitation with a couple who would formally adopt her when her operating surgeon was satisfied that her recovery was well underway.

Cheri and Steve worked hard to bring that day forward as quickly as possible by keeping her crated, by taking Ruby to twice-weekly hydrotherapy sessions and to regular vet checks for her Synovan injections. She will continue to walk on-leash for a few months yet to ensure that she has the best possible surgery result.

Ruby is now in her sixth and final home...and Cheri and Steve are determined that she will never have the fear and sadness of living with anyone else but them. Dear Ruby is extremely happy with her new family and enjoys the gentle company of her canine housemate.

Many thanks to Forrest Hill Vet Clinic for heavily discounting Ruby's surgery costs, to Nose to Tail for providing complimentary hydrotherapy sessions for her, to Ruby's first wonderful fosterers Carla, Bryan and George and to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for so generously providing her love, experience and dog coaching without cost.

Many thanks also to Ruby's many other applicants. You will be delighted to know that she now has a very happy ending!

Through no fault of her own, Ruby has already lived in five different homes, including her current foster home in Auckland. Despite her unsettled life and numerous disruptions, she has maintained the sweetest and most gentle temperament, so her next abode must be her final one – and it must be with exceptionally loving, committed people.

Ruby has recently undergone a surgical procedure to repair a ruptured cruciate ligament so she will not be available for adoption until after her 12 week rehabilitation period. Low key and controlled visits with potential adopters are possible during her recovery.

Ruby is de-sexed, vaccinated, registered and micro-chipped and, until her recent injury, has kept very good health. She has a glossy coat and an ideal body weight of 31kg.

Ruby has a good command of basic obedience, will walk comfortably on lead and has good recall - unless she sees a cat. She has never been tied up or locked in a kennel/run situation.

Because of her unsettled history, Ruby’s ideal home would include someone who is there with her for part of each day. She has lived harmoniously with a new puppy and is currently good friends with her foster carer’s dog. Ruby is well socialised and, although she doesn’t like water, she enjoys romps along the beach and the company of other dogs. She has never been in a fight or bitten another dog and is not a barker. However, she does like to have a big chat when you first arrive home.

Ruby hates thunder, loud music with heavy base, Guy Fawkes, etc.

Ruby is an inside and outside dog and this lifestyle must continue in her new home. She enjoys the comfort of a warm, comfy bed inside the house at night with her family.

Ruby would suit a home where there are no cats or farmed animals and where she is seldom left alone. We believe she would enjoy the company of another friendly resident dog.

Ruby is about half way through the expected life span of a German Shepherd dog. This precious girl has had too many disturbances already, so we will do our best to ensure this will be her last move. This girl truly is a gem.

When asked what her sweetest trait is, her last permanent care giver replied, “Hard to answer really, she is such a sweet, gentle girl, who loves to be with you - especially going out for walks. I took her on regular bush walks off-lead and she wouldn't walk too far ahead ...unless she detected the scent of something to chase. She would stop and look back to check I was still coming. She loves to be with you very much, enjoys walks and getting out. She is a very loving girl, who likes to make new friends but is a little shy - especially if meeting a group of large rambunctious dogs or amorous male dogs”.

If your property is securely fenced and gated, with a minimum fence height of 1.8 metres and if you are able to spend plenty of time with this beautiful, unassuming, unimposing girl who bonds strongly with her caregiver, I look forward to your application.

Thank you.