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I had three wonderful aplications come in for Biggles, but his fosterers had fallen in love with him and were emotionally wrenched at the thought of parting with him...and Biggles adored his life with them too.

Sadly, with three dogs of their own, they could not afford his food, registration, veterinary care or miscellaneous daily costs - so i could not approve them as his permanent caregivers.


Then a beautiful plan came into being. One of Biggles applicants, Sue, offered to care for him (and spoil him rotten) during the weekends and to pay part of his food costs for the remainder of his life. We accepted.

The other applicants, Mary and Maurice, offered to cover his vet bills and miscellaneous costs for the remainder of his life. We accepted.

Then Julie and Stephanus came forward and also offered to assist with Biggles food costs for his lifespan. We accepted.

So this lovely boy went from being homeless to being loved and cared for as a 'community dog' who will remain in permanent foster care with the people and canine companions he loves.

Thank you so much to all who have been, and will always be, involved in Biggles extremely happy and secure retirement.


This active senior boy was lost on the streets of the North Shore of Auckland for several months.

He was not micro-chipped or wearing a collar when taken into care, so we advertised him extensively, but his original guardians have not come forward. We are now looking for a permanent home for Biggles.

A comprehensive vet check, x-rays and blood tests of this neutered dog, have revealed that his organs and teeth are in excellent condition - so he may be younger than his facial markings suggest.

Biggles is very affectionate, adores people and has a sweet  temperament. He loves to be close to his caregivers, so must have plenty of indoor access and sleep inside at night. He would suit a home where someone is with him most of the time. However, due to his size and happy boisterousness at times, he would not be suitable around young children or frail people.

He loves going for beach and park walks, but requires training and management around other dogs - so we are seeking a home with large dog experience. We suspect Biggles may be a Greyhound X Labrador.  

Please contact us if you are in a position to adopt this human-orientated gentleman. Thank you.  

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