Jess is now enjoying an ideal lifestyle with her new family...


Jess is a beautiful 6-year-old German Short Haired Pointer X Labrador. Sadly she is in need of a new home due to a marriage break-down and busier work schedules.

She is described as “a loving dog who would cuddle 24/7 if she could”. Jess is spayed, registered, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and has had a recent health and dental check-up. She is a lean 23kg, is micro-chipped and in fine health with no history of illness, surgeries or special dietary needs. Jess is a very sweet natured girl who spent the first few months of her life socialising with farm animals and chose a cow as her new best friend. She also attended puppy training when she was very young.


Being a German Short Haired Pointer cross means Jess is a fairly high energy girl who needs regular exercise and lots of stimulation to keep her busy. She will require a fully fenced property with gates and fences at least 1.5m high. Jess is used to running off-leash in a large park and is currently exercised a minimum of 1 hour per day – sometimes 2-3 times a day. She is of a slightly submissive nature and can appear a little timid at initial introductions - sometimes rolling onto her back if she is unsure. She loves water and having her easy-care short coat brushed but, as with most dogs, she tolerates being bathed.

Jess is a valued and loved member of her current family; as such she sleeps inside at night and is not used to being left alone for long periods or being tied up or kennelled. She has also had the luxury of having a family member home with her most days as her current caregiver works from home. It would be lovely if she could be placed in a home with similar qualities.

This is what Jess’s family have to say about her: “Jess loves people! She is by far the friendliest dog I have ever encountered and she squeals/howls with excitement whenever she sees someone new! She also loves a cuddle and is very affectionate. She loves attention and is a deeply empathic girl. She is the beta of our two dogs; the nurturer, soother and a follower. She will follow you around all day and stare at you if given half a chance. She is also very sensitive and intuitive and is very much in tune with us”.


If you believe you can offer this beautiful girl a loving, caring home where she will be allowed to be fully integrated into your family, I would like to hear from you. if you have an appropriately fenced property and you can provide the regular exercise and stimulation a dog of this breed needs; and if you have the patience and understanding to allow this lovely dog time to settle in and overcome her initial separation from her family and canine playmate - please submit your application.

There is some urgency as Jess’s primary caregiver will soon take on full-time employment which means Jess and her canine house mate will be left alone for very long periods of time – up to 10 hours per day.

Jess enjoys playing with other dogs and would suit an active individual, a couple or a family situation. She currently lives in Wellington.