Cisco has now been formally adopted into a wonderful home where he is treated like the prince he is. His name is now Franco which he responds to beautifully - especially having completed a six week obedience class while on trial with his new parents, Nicola and Scott. More details and photographs coming soon...


It was with huge sadness that Cisco’s family approached us for help to find him the most loving home possible. Their plea began:

“Due to redundancy, we have lost our own home and are now having to go into rental accommodation. We cannot find a landlord who allows pets. Do you think you could help us? We are desperate to secure a new home for our precious boy”.

We were all crying when we met up and I took 7-year-old Cisco under the Animal Re-homing umbrella. However, the grief was softened by my promise of updates and that he will be lovingly cared for until an ideal home is found for him.

Cisco is a delightful and gentle fellow who has been very accepting of the huge changes in his life. We believe he is predominantly a Golden Labrador with a touch of Golden Retriever in his gene mix.


He loves to greet and play with other dogs and with humans of any age. All are viewed as potential friends who are deserving of a good tail-wagging display. Rather than get involved in unpleasantness, Cisco will walk away from a dog showing aggression.

He’s a healthy, happy chap and, as he becomes more relaxed with us, he is revealing a playful side of his personality.

Cisco is now de-sexed, registered, vaccinated, nail-clipped, wormed and flea treated – and his teeth are fine. After lots of bush, park and beach walks and swimming to fetch endless sticks, he has dropped to a much better weight of 30kg.

Cisco is brimming with vitality and energy for a middle-aged dog. However, about twice a year he has suffered seizures in the past. Because they are so infrequent, no medication is required at this time. Applicants will need to be prepared for these occasional, but frightening seizures and to remove anything he may fall onto if one begins.


Cisco doesn't like thunder storms or other loud noises, but he is relaxed in most settings, be it at a street café, a beach, in the car, or in various homes and environments. He is respectful of cats, but will most likely need to be closely supervised around rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Having lived on a rural property, he did once herd sheep off his patch and back into their own paddock – and he has been known to woof at people riding horses.

At present, Cisco’s level of training is fairly basic and a series of group training sessions is a condition of his adoption. This would prove to be very bonding and a huge advantage to both Cisco and his new family. He knows ‘sit’, is learning ‘stay’ and ‘wait’ and walks fairly well on a lead, but he currently needs tighter recall. We are very grateful to our trainer, Colleen (pictured in the checked top), for the great work she has done with him.

In the time Cisco has been in our care he has proven to be nothing but a gentleman. He’s an affectionate, kind boy who loves cuddles and is content to just sit with you and watch the world go by – he has a wonderful temperament. He accepts bath time, enjoys being towel-dried and he loves his special brush.


Cisco is accustomed to indoor/outdoor access to the family home and to sleeping on his own bed in the parents’ bedroom at night. We would like to see this continue in his new home.

When asked about his most annoying trait, his family replied: “He doesn't annoy us. He has none that we can think of and we discussed this thoroughly”. And when asked about his sweetest trait: “The faces he pulls and he does a little dance, a foot shuffle, when he thinks a treat or food is in order.”

His family also told his that: “Cisco is a mature man who likes his sleep, food and other home comforts with lots of fuss and attention and ‘walkies' to break up the day. We would love to see him go to someone who will love him and care for him as we have done for the last 6 years - someone who will treat him as an extension of their family”.

Cisco is a very sweet soul who deserves to be a cherished family member again. If you have room in your home and your heart for this lovely, gentle, happy boy; if you have time and commitment to spend on ongoing training and regular daily exercise - please contact us. Thank you.

NOTE: We are so thankful to Nose To Tail for allowing us hydrotherapy and the bathing of our rescue dogs at no charge and to the Dog Protection Society for gifting Cisco with loving accommodation. Please support these caring organisations. Thank you also to our volunteers, especially Fiona and Sam (pictured in the blue cap), for being part of Cisco’s team.

cisco-after-nose-to-tail1 cisco-at-churchill cisco-after-nose-to-tail
cisco-at-vanderbilt-park cisco-with-cat-bev-b cisco-nose-to-tail2
cisco-beautiful cisco-chilling-with-his-human-bev-b