When Cherie sent me three applications for Buddy within a couple of days, we knew she and her husband were very excited about the possibility of adopting him. Buddy is now absolutely cherished in his new home with them.


Caroline has been supporting Animal Re-homing for many years, and when she told us that Buddy was facing a lethal injection in a few days’ time we contacted the dog pound. To their credit, they had kept him there for seven weeks because they were sure someone would want him…and they didn’t want to end his life. (Just seven days on death row is not unusual at some pounds).

This gorgeous, three-year-old Kooikerhondje X Papillon is now under our umbrella and looking for an ideal home. He weighs less than 9kg and is a soft natured, friendly little fellow with the happiest disposition. Kooikerhondje’s are an active breed, so Buddy will need variety, stimulation and plenty of exercise to keep boredom at bay.

At every opportunity, this optimistic wee dog greets humans and other dogs with enthusiasm. He is respectful of cats who stand their ground, but will give chase if they run - so a cat, rabbit and bird-free home is preferred.


Buddy can run like the wind – in great circles - simply for the fun of it. He will need daily walks and, once he has bonded with his new caregivers, he will need off-leash runs in safe environments to keep him in tip-top health. His new home must be fenced, gated and secured until it is ‘Buddy-proof’.

Buddy is a sensitive boy who bonds strongly with those who show him love. Gentle and fun methods at a series of group training classes will tighten up his recall and basic obedience. His successful applicants must be prepared to toilet train him because, sadly, he wasn’t allowed inside at his last home. Training classes and full integration inside the house are conditions of Buddy’s adoption.

He enjoys soft words, lively praise, face stroking and sitting next to his special person with his head on their lap. He loves fast-paced chasing games with other dogs, water-play with a hose and splashing through puddles of water. He is happy in the bush, park or beach or sitting alongside his human al fresco at a café. He’s curious, busy, intelligent and affectionate and can also be a wonderfully quiet and laid-back companion.


We are looking for a home where, for the first time in his life, Buddy will be cherished, prioritised and loved to pieces...and never again cold and forgotten in the back yard. He also must not be penned or tied up. We would like him to have human company for most of the day and to be showered with cuddles and kindness. He would be fine with dog-friendly canine companions too.

We are hoping Buddy may be adopted by an active and devoted individual or couple. He adores older children, but they would need to be firmly instructed to always close doors and gates behind them. If you think your lifestyle may be an attentive match for this sweet dog, we look forward to your application.

Huge thanks to Caroline for paying Buddy’s release fees and on-going care costs and to her husband for transporting him to us from out of town. We are also again indebted to dog stylist Linde Walker for giving him an outstanding complimentary groom, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assessing & coaching him and for carrying out property inspections and to the Dog Protection Society for sponsoring his board. Thank you also to Samantha, Fiona and Elaine for walking with him and to Jannel and Sam for paying him visits.

Buddy is now vet checked, registered, micro-chipped, neutered, double vaccinated, flea and worm treated. He is currently living in Auckland.

buddy-in-the-car buddy--colleen buddy-face-profile
buddy-in-grass buddy-socialising
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