Pepper & her Puppies

Pepper-and-pups-003Thank you so very much to everyone who has sent supportive e-mails or applied to adopt these lovely dogs. Beautiful homes have now been secured for Pepper and all twelve of her puppies. They have had their vaccinations and some of them are fortunate enough to be receiving further professional training from Maria, a kind dog coach who contacted me when she was touched by their story. All of the puppies are thriving and Pepper has now gained weight and, with it, plenty of energy. This lovely canine family can now look forward to a very bright future...





The photographs show Panda with his doting caregiver Lorraine; and Cookie with his ecstatic young mistress Sammy. Masterpet generously donated adoption gift packages for all twelve of the puppies. Some of the gifts are apparent in the pictures.

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous support Masterpet has continued to give Animal Re-homing since October 2008. Our sincere gratitude also to the Albany News, North Shore Times, That's Life magazine and TVNZ Breakfast Show for their valuable media cover. Pets On The Net also gave us wonderful exposure. Many thanks to all involved.

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Pepper’s story must be told regarding her and her beautiful pups. It’s a story of anguish and near-tragedy, followed by rescue and loving care. I can't think of it without tears welling up and relief flowing through me. This gorgeous canine family will touch you to the core...

PepperI was contacted by a caring pound worker as a last resort for Pepper. She didn’t think for a moment that I would be able to find a home or a fosterer for an emaciated, 2-year-old, heavily pregnant Dalmatian X dog...but she felt compelled to at least ask me - because Pepper was booked in to be put to death just two days later.

I was emotionally and physically exhausted having worked day and night to save former dogs and other animals on death row, but the thought of an expectant mother and her mature unborn pups being killed, through no fault of their own, sent waves of adrenalin coursing through me.

A fosterer & her mother came forward, so plans were put in place to prepare everything for the birth and for Pepper to be collected on the afternoon of her intended execution.

However, early that morning, we were contacted by the pound. Pepper had birthed twelve magnificent, plump puppies during the night...without the expert monitoring, the help, comfort, peaceful surroundings, energising food morsels, friendly touch or soothing words we had organised for her as a first-time mother. She had dragged the towel and blanket out of her bed, which was a tight fit for her alone, and had spread it across the concrete floor of her barren pen. There among the deafening echo of other barking and shrieking homeless waifs; with her excrement and blood around her, she birthed and meticulously cleaned her huge litter of babies – without losing any of them.

PepperWe arrived early in the morning to a pitiful sight. Exhausted, shivering and visibly distressed, poor Pepper sat forlornly with her bony shoulders hunched, her head dropped down and with her babies spread in a squirming heap in front of her. She lay down, but there was no way that so many pups could take turns at wriggling over one another to reach her life-giving milk. Pepper weakly nudged at the babies on the perimeter in an attempt to bring them in.

We knew we would have to act quickly to keep the pups alive and to bring Pepper back to health so that she could survive and care for her family.

With no opposition or aggression from their mother, the pups were gently placed in the car and Pepper soon tried to wrap herself around them on the journey to her foster home.

The planned trip to the vet was postponed because we instinctively knew that getting Pepper & her pups warm, comfortable and nourished was crucial. The vet could make a home visit later in the day.

The look on Pepper’s face as she was offered a warm, quiet, and safe location for her and her puppies was gratitude beyond belief. She eventually stopped shivering and was finally able to lay her head down to rest. Days of hard work followed to encourage Pepper to eat and recover while feeding her large litter.

This gentle soul trustingly allows her fosterers to care for her pups while her eyes convey her appreciation when she looks at them and feebly wags her tail. She is a wonderful, giving mother and has kept herself and her pups scrupulously clean.

PepperThe puppies are thriving and gaining weight under the dedicated care of their fosterers. We are so fortunate to also have the expert guidance and practical support of Tara who breeds Labrador dogs. Her skill, knowledge and selfless availability is hugely appreciated.

Masterpet has once again generously provided products to assist in the process. My sincerest thanks to Masterpet also.

PepperTwelve delightful pups will soon need loving and responsible homes. There will be strict conditions for their adoption, including secure fencing, attendance at puppy school and a follow-up visit by an Animal Re-homing representative. They will all be de-sexed and micro-chipped before their adoptions.

Please spread the word among your friends, families and associates, so that every last one of these sweet pups has the best possible life ahead of him or her. There are seven little girls and five boys in the litter.

PepperPepper has been debilitated by the whole experience and needs careful nurturing and monitoring to restore her to full health and vitality.

Every ounce of her reserves has been given up to her pups who are brimming with vigour and well-being. When she is fully recovered and spayed, Pepper will also be looking for a comfortable and loving home.

Applicants should include some background about themselves, their home and the lifestyle they would provide. Thank you very much.

Note: If you are able to contribute to the huge costs involved in rescuing and maintaining Pepper & her family or to my outstanding vet bill, I would also be delighted to hear from you. Thank you so much.