Enake (Niki)

alt It was love at first sight when Claudia and Mark met Niki, our rescue German Shepherd x puppy. They flew through their interview and home inspection and had bought everything she needed - even before the adoption was formally approved. alt:)

Her new name Enake (meaning 'Alert') suits her beautifully. We are absolutely thrilled for this gorgeous little girl.

niki-enake-claudia-mark-new-home niki-enake-claudia-new-home
niki-enake-at-dog-training-class-new-home niki-enake-in-grass-new-home

ORIGINAL ADVERT: Introducing smart little Niki

Sixteen-week-old Niki was taken to a vet clinic for a lethal injection, partly because she wouldn't make a good pig dog. Fortunately the vet nurse knew about Animal Re-homing and urgently contacted us for help. Thankfully, instead of paying for her to be put down, Niki's caregiver contributed towards her vet costs and agreed to sign her over. A few days later our dedicated volunteers, Imogen and Gareth, met the kind nurse half way and brought affectionate Niki to Auckland.

Niki is a sweet and loyal little German Shepherd x Border Collie puppy who loves to be with people and other dogs. Already this intelligent girl can be walked off-leash, comes to the call, sits and lays down. Although still underweight, she is beginning to fill out nicely. She will be a beautiful dog for an active individual, couple or family.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with inquiries and applications for Niki's adoption.

Many thanks to Dog Protection Society New Zealand for fostering her for us and to Hayley at Designer Dog Grooming Ltd for nail-clipping, brushing and bathing Niki.

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ORIGINAL ADVERT: Cute alert – Niki will soon be here…

This weekend a very cute 15-week-old German Shepherd X Border Collie puppy, Niki, will be coming into our care. She will soon be looking for a home - watch this space!


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    Niki's had a rough start in life - let's give her a happy ending!

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    Day 1 of Niki's training. "Sit" mastered!
    She is named after her rescuer who has been caring for her until we could.