Waddles (Noon Nye)


Don’t you love a happy ending?

Noon Nye is a shy little Maltese who began her life as a potential breeding dog. After several years without conceiving, her owners discarded this frail dog - along with the neglected male. A kind woman took them both so they wouldn’t fall into another bad situation. The little boy was adopted by a family member and Noon Nye went to a temporary home where her health, veterinary needs and spaying were lovingly taken care of.

When we were asked to find Noon Nye a new home, Beryl and Pete agreed to foster her for us. Within a fortnight they had fallen in love and asked if they could adopt her. We weren’t surprised because three of the cats they previously fostered also became permanent family members.

Noon Nye was immediately renamed Waddles due to her unusual gait – and she lives happily with canine companion Dino and the cats. A recent visit left us feeling so grateful and joyful that this dear little girl finally has the life she deserves – a life full of walks, cuddles, nourishment, company and most importantly - an abundance of love.

noon-nye-dino-beryl-pete noon-nye-in-cat-carrier
noon-nye-standing-front-on noon-nye-waddles-with-chew-treat