Odin and Sammy

Odin and Sammy have now been adopted into handpicked homes.

Last year, one-year-old Odin and his (almost identical) brother Sammy, were cruelly abandoned at a rubbish dump where their litter-mates died of starvation.

These easygoing, playful Great Dane X puppies are now neutered, registered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and ready for a life where they never again suffer hardship.

Due to their large size and boisterous play, Odin and Sammy are best suited to a home with an individual, a couple or a family with kiddies over 10 years. Both pups love being around older children.

These sweet dogs adore bounding with other dogs on beaches, parks and bush-tracks and will need active daily walks, plenty of chew toys, stimulation and training. Mostly they enjoy lots of human and canine companionship and, when the exercise is over, are content to chill alongside their human.

If you have the property to contain a large breed dog, the time to spend with him and the financial means to feed and care for him; we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that attendance at a series of group dog obedience classes is a condition of Odin and Sammy’s adoptions. Thank you.

Odin and Sammy are currently based in Auckland.

All expressions of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*** Some of the words our volunteers have used to describe one or both of these pups: "Sweet, affectionate, gentle giant, alert, sleek, handsome, playful, huge, loving, kid-friendly, energetic, easygoing, good-looking, fun, cuddly, adventurous, beautiful, majestic, outgoing, stunning, curious, long-limbed, friendly, happy, nose-to-the-ground, confident, strong…"

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