Hogan Hogan

Lucky Hogan was offered several homes before he chose an ideal one on a lifestyle block.

He is thoroughly enjoying having full time company, plenty of affection and a lot of space to exercise.

Thank you to all of you who applied for his adoption.




When three year old Hogan's caregivers contacted me they were very distressed at having to part with him when their circumstances change. Knee height Hogie will need a new home in August and sadly his caregivers' new lifestyle will not suit the stable environment that Hogie needs.

This lively and affectionate Australian Cattledog X Staffi would suit a home with a daily walk and plenty of loving attention. Hogan copes with being left alone during the work week, but it would be preferable if his new caregivers were around a bit more often.

This cute little fellow has just completed some professional training with flying colours. Dog Coach, Tania Pitt, describes him as "...a highly trainable dog. He is intelligent, has great focus and is food motivated. That combination is ideal for moulding a content, obedient, relaxed dog". Tania has left notes to be passed on to Hogan's new caregivers.


This intelligent boy loves to be regularly brushed and submissively enjoys the company of other dogs. Although he is curious of cats, his behaviour around them has never been tested, so introductions would need to be carefully supervised.


Hogan is accustomed to having indoor and outdoor access and to sleeping inside at night and this lifestyle must continue.

He is simply a very loving dog who requires a very loving home. Hogan is neutered, micro-chipped, registered, fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated and his dentistry is up to date.

If you have a securely fenced property, time to spend with Hogan and lots of love to give, please contact us.