Thank you so much to the many people who opened their hearts and offered their homes to this lovely geriatric dog. I sincerely hope you will come forward for other senior dogs in future. Bucket is now living with Andy, Jackie and Olivia, two cats, two dogs, six chickens, two mice, some fish and a sheep in semi-rural Auckland.

According to Andy, Bucket is settling in well, getting plenty of loving attention from everyone while eating up a storm and spending most of her time in front of the television.

Bucket’s previous caregivers Emma and Simon, leave the country today, and asked me to include these words regarding their beloved Bucket:


“We had thought that we'd be facing a hopeless and desperate search, but thanks to Linda and Animal Re-homing, Bucket found the perfect family to spend the rest of her days with. Although it was still heartbreaking to leave her behind, it's a huge relief to know that she's gone to such a fantastic new home”.




In a few months, a dear old dog named Bucket will turn 14 years of age. She began her life in the UK and came to New Zealand when she was six.

Her caregivers have to return to their homeland at the end of this month and were intending to take Bucket with them. However, they were heartbroken when their vet advised that she would be unlikely to survive such a journey in her golden years. Bucket is a beautiful natured purebred English Springer Spaniel who is described as "exceptionally loving" and who has "beautiful brown eyes".

Not surprisingly, Bucket has a few ailments such as a heart murmur, cataracts and a benign fatty lump on her shoulder. She has sporadic yeast infections in her ears, her hearing is failing and she takes some medications each day. However, her vet describes her as being in very good health...for her age. Bucket

Bucket is up to date with her vaccinations, worming, flea treatments, registration, micro-chipping and dentistry. Her caregivers are willing to pay any veterinary expenses she may incur for the reminder of her life.

This lovely old girl needs a home where she has plenty of company and is allowed to sleep in the bedroom with her human family at night time. Applicants will need to be people who would take pleasure in nurturing an old lady in her final months or years. Bucket is capable of gentle walks, but would suit a one-level home due to being a bit stiff in the legs. She doesn't mind other dogs and would enjoy the company of older children if they were gentle with her.

If you are that very special person, couple or family who would like to give a sweet old dog a pampered life when her much-loved caregivers leave New Zealand, I will be delighted to hear from you. Your property would need to be fenced and you will need to live in the North Island. Bucket lives in Auckland. Thank you.