Angus is now living with his new family in New Plymouth and thoroughly enjoying his rural and beach lifestyle along with his ongoing professional training. Many thanks to Emma and Craig for fostering him so beautifully, to Masterpet for providing products for him and to Corinne and Joan, the dog coaches who gave their services without charge. (See their contact details on the THANK YOU page). Below are a few words from Angus’s love-struck caregivers:


“He is a real joy and we are already having some great fun with walks and playtime. He thinks our stream is immense fun especially as there is a few swim holes and we have walked on the beach each day too.

He has done well with us doing short training sessions with him over the last few days and is very forgiving of us being first timers! We have our first lesson with the proper trainer at home tonight which we are looking forward to. He is a really lovely boy and has captured both our hearts… Kind Regards and thank you again for your work in saving our lovely boy”.

Sue and Richard.



A kind worker at an Auckland dog pound contacted me because she knew that an affectionate and playful teenaged Huntaway X Ridgeback pup would be killed in the morning. His "caregivers" had not come looking for 10-month-old Angus and no-one had offered to adopt his brief 7-day reprieve was over.

My urgent plea brought forward three offers of temporary care around the country and one kind lady said she would pay the pound fees for a few days if it would extend his stay of execution. His death warrant was cancelled and instead happy, people-focussed Angus was booked into a vet clinic for a check up and to be neutered, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated. Later that day his foster family collected him and have been consistently working with him.


Angus has had two professional training sessions and is coming along well. Suitable applicants will need to continue professional group training with Angus because he is a big, strong, boisterous, lively boy who has had no previous training or socialisation with other dogs.

In time he would be well suited to competitive agility work. With firm but loving guidance, he will learn the social skills and manners appropriate for a large dog living both indoors and out. Angus loves to be petted and he enjoys games and toys and plenty of human interaction. Due to his size and high energy levels, Angus would not suit a home with small children or with frail folk.

Applicants who have experience with big dogs, live in a safe rural area or have a large securely fenced property in suburbia, may contact me. Angus is fostered in Auckland.

Thank you.


Angus Angus

"Angus, is a very loving and affectionate dog, he loves cuddles, and plenty of attention. He also happily goes off to rest and lay down and is very good being left on his own. He doesn't cry as long as he is not left too long and provided you play with him when you are back. He responds very well to training. including "lay-down and roll over. He will stay on command and leave treats if requested to. He doesn't bark much unless he gets a fright, but hopefully he will gain more confidence as he matures.

Angus will make a very good pet, and whoever adopts him will quickly fall in love - he has many adorable characteristics and deserves a second chance. Please don't be put off by the training requirements, he is a fast learner and it won't take long for him to form good manners and become a lovely reliable dog. Angus will make someone a very loyal, loving and fun companion".