Sassy has never had a loving home

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This beautiful girl was shut in a kennel-and-run for at least 5 years, as punishment for failing to retrieve the rabbits her guardian shot dead. She even became impregnated through the wire and birthed litters of puppies during her harrowing imprisonment. We shudder to think what may have happened to her babies.

Sassy's only joy was the local children who poked their fingers through the bars of her cage to pet her. As a result of this minimal positive human interaction, she adores people of all ages.

Hope finally came when a compassionate woman visited the Far North and heard that Sassy had never been been out of the cage. She bravely knocked on the door and asked to take the man's dog for a walk. Sadly, he refused the request.

When she came back to Auckland, she asked if we would re-home Sassy if she could persuade her captor to surrender her. We agreed, so she soon made the long return journey and repeated her request to walk Sassy.

Again the guy refused, so she inquired whether he would sell her. He asked how much she would give him, but turned down her offer, saying he would only accept a larger sum. Desperate to save Sassy from her despairing life, she rushed to the ATM machine... and Sassy came to Auckland.

Having been totally isolated, Sassy has not been socialised with other animals and cannot be trusted around them. As a no-kill rescue, we all began to work with her and our dog coaches. She is now wonderful on the leash (unless an animal comes into her sightline), is toilet trained and loves being inside human homes. Despite our best efforts, she has not yet learned to get along with other animals - so we are searching for a special needs, animal-free home for her.

Our vets have identified Sassy as a likely Boxer X Staffy now aged about 7 years. This bright, companionable girl picks up tricks in a heartbeat, wants to be a part of whatever is going on and is easily pleased with her naturally happy, curious, tail-wagging nature. She's a playful foodie who trots like a prancing pony, loves to sniff and roll in the grass, to rest her head on our laps and to receive loving touch and praise. Sassy is highly allergic to the plant named Wandering Jew, so a property search for any signs of it would be imperative.

We are looking forward to introducing our girl to one of two types of special home:

Option 1).
To be a companion house-dog who lives out the rest of her life on a securely fenced & gated property with indoor and outdoor access, plenty of company and garden play, sleeping inside and given loads of loving care. Except for vet visits, Sassy would never leave this property and no animals would visit it. With her human sociable outlook, people coming and going would be a bonus, but not essential. The gating system would have to be foolproof.

Option 2).
To live with physically fit/robust people who are experienced with animal reactive dogs and are comfortable to walk her, (as we do) always muzzled, always on a leash, in relatively isolated areas. Again the security of the fences and gates would need to be foolproof and she would be given all the comforts of a loving indoor/outdoor home.

Although Sassy loves little children, they and their friends are more likely to accidentally leave gates open so, unless there is a double gated system (similar to cattery or aviary walk-ins), we would prefer she lives in a responsible adult home. She will be an interactive, happy and engaging companion for the right applicants.

Sassy is currently living in Auckland and we have had her spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated. She is an affectionate, medium/large dog weighing about 28kg.

ALL INQUIRIES TO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please provide your whereabouts, a contact phone number and a little about your living arrangements and lifestyle. We can't wait to have a chat and bring Sassy to meet you. ­čÖé Thank you.