Sesame and Pumpkin need a predator-free haven

Tiny orphan chicks from different suburbs were handed in to a bird rescue centre, two weeks apart. Concerned that they might turn out to be roosters, the centre took first one, then the other to a vet clinic - to be put down.

Fortunately the vet staff settled the first chick in an incubator and cared for it until it was eating and drinking well. When the second chick arrived, it was introduced to the first and they are now robust friends.

The veterinarian tried to find a safe haven for them before contacting us for help and we are now fostering them at our home-based shelter on the North Shore of Auckland.

These friendly, cheeping bundles of cuteness are about 8-weeks-old and need a predator proof home... where it won't matter whether they are hens or roosters.

If your property is zoned rural and you would love to adopt these two as cherished pets for life, please apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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