bull-terrier-gold-face-kellyMy fosterers were awakened by their dogs barking when two Pit Bull Terrier type dogs were put over their padlocked, six foot fences at 1am this morning.

They may be sisters and are estimated to be young adults. 

Both dogs are well-fed, in good condition and are very cuddly and playful. Unfortunately they wore no collars on arrival and their microchips have not been registered to any contact details.

Would whoever secretly put them over the fence, please contact me as soon as possible?

The dogs cannot stay at this home and I currently have no other fosterers available.

I need to know the reason for this abandonment or theft - before a safe solution can be found for these friendly dogs. 

Please also contact me if you know of someone whose two loved dogs went missing around 25/5/13.

All responses will be kept in confidence as there is clearly some desperation in this situation.

Please urgently contact me.

Thank you.

Update: To discover what happened to these lovely dogs, please click here.

bull-terriers-on-bench1-kelly bull-terrier-choc-face-kelly
bull-terriers-on-bench-kelly bull-terriers-on-couch1-kelly