Beautiful stray rabbit – is he your baby?

Have you lost a cute rabbit? Do you want to adopt a cute rabbit?

When North Shore residents noticed a gorgeous bunny visiting their gardens in late March they worried that dogs or cats might harm him. When Tracey’s husband captured him, she contacted us. Tracey is pictured with the bunny in her arms. With all of our enclosures full, we asked her to look after him for a week… and fortunately she agreed. He is now with us and is a delightful boy!

We are sure someone must be looking for this rabbit, so please share this post if you live in Auckland. Meanwhile we have given him a vaccination, inserted a micro-chip and named him Sammy after our wonderful long-term volunteer, Sam, who is closely involved in his care. (Sam is pictured with Sammy and vet Greg from Bayvet).

If no-one comes forward for him, Sammy will soon be available for adoption. Early applications are welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: If you find a stray rabbit, please don’t expect it to survive without human intervention. Keep it safely contained with food and water, phone vet clinics in the area, put leaflets in letterboxes and make posters, advertise on Pets on the Net, Trade Me and the Pet Rescue Site. The rabbit may be micro-chipped so please ask your local vet to scan it.

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