Mike, the surgeon at Forrest Hill Vet Clinic, managed to remove all four pins from Boo Boo’s hind legs, including the one which was painfully pushing directly into his kneecap. Two of the others had bone growth around them, but with perseverance they too were taken out. A total of twenty stitches were needed. There was evidence of some arthritis at the site of the bone breakages, so he is now eating a joint-assisting food. For a week now, Boo Boo has been confined to a cosy holding pen in the lounge and at night time in another crate in the bedroom of Rachelle, his wonderful fosterer and future permanent caregiver.

Boo Boo

When I took Boo Boo for his post-operative check up and the first of his weekly Pentasan injection course yesterday, it was clear that he just wanted to run around on his new legs. I allowed him a short leash walk which he approached with gusto and joy. I believe this dear wee fellow had been in pain, due to the pin protrusions, since June 2009.

We are all expecting Boo Boo’s recovery to be swift and, hopefully, it won’t leave any signs of his previous suffering. His stitches will be removed next week.

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Masterpet in donating both of the crates for Boo Boo’s confinement, the special rehabilitation bedding, food, stimulation treats and toys to keep him occupied. Without their help, this affectionate little dog would not be recovering in such ideal conditions.

And thank you once again to everyone who felt moved to bring Boo Boo, Topsy and Turvy’s lives to a state of health and happiness. In doing so, and in paying my huge vet bill, you also lifted my joy levels.

Please keep the young cats Topsy and Turvy in mind if you hear of anyone who may be ideal to adopt them.

Follow-up articles have been printed in the two suburban newspapers that published my original plea for these animals. The North Shore Times article may be viewed here. and the Auckland City Harbour article may be viewed here.