BOO BOO NEEDS $500 - $700 SURGERY… but my vet bill is already over $3,000.00…

Dear Friends,

On the 15th February, I received a distressed e-mail from a kind landlord. Like so many other e-mails, it began, “Hello Linda… I urgently need your help”.

Boo Boo

Samuel’s tenants had fled the country, leaving him out of pocket. They had also left their beautiful pets (pictured) abandoned in the Auckland inner city apartment. The dog and the teenage kittens had been locked in the building two days before - and the complex manager wanted them out. Short-term, Samuel compassionately housed, fed them and cleaned up their messes in one of his empty rental properties.

Boo Boo

When I had arranged temporary board for these little ones, I met Samuel at the vet clinic. He purchased a collar for Boo Boo and made a donation towards the vet fee. I immediately carried the frightened 13-month-old sister kittens into the vet where they were examined, spayed, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and worms, nails clipped, etc, before I took them to a cattery to recover and await their adoption. I have named this friendly pair Topsy and Turvy to reflect the upheaval in their young lives…and I will not allow them to be separated.

I was lucky to find a caring family to foster the 14-month-old Bichon Fris X Maltese Terrier who they named Boo Boo. Samuel had mentioned that Boo Boo had suffered trauma to his back legs last year and I noticed he had a limp that needed investigation. While this little dog was gaining confidence, I was tracking down vet clinics who may have had contact with him and the kittens.

Boo Boo Boo Boo

I discovered that in mid-2009, Boo Boo had both of his hind legs broken when he was about 5-6 months old. I located the clinic where the surgery was carried out. After dropping him off there, Boo Boo’s “caregivers” disappeared for 2 months. Finally the clinic tracked them down and they came in to collect him. They paid a fraction of the bill and instructed that there was no need for further X-rays. The vet told me he was very concerned that Boo Boo had not been back to the clinic for a post operative check up, because his bones were still growing and the pins may be causing him pain.

Topsy and Turvy

I also tracked down a cattery which had cared for Topsy and Turvy during the same two month period that Boo Boo was abandoned at the vet clinic. The staff said they would never forget the cats being brought in to their facility in a basket with cling wrap around it and with head holes poked through it to keep the cats enclosed.

I have now had Boo Boo vet checked, X-rayed, neutered, nails clipped, vaccinated, micro-chipped, registered, flea and worm treated and had his teeth de-scaled and polished, etc. The vet found a very painful area on his right leg where he could feel one of the cross pins protruding at a strange angle. The left leg, which Boo Boo lifts in discomfort, will also need to be opened up and will probably also have the pins removed.

Boo Boo

So far, my combined vet bill for Boo Boo, Topsy and Turvy is over $800, even with my discounts. In addition, the daily tariff for the cats is $24.00 - they have been boarding there since 18th February. Boo Boo’s essential surgery will be between $500 - $700.

I currently owe the vet clinic $3,436.87. I cannot have Boo Boo’s surgery done until my outstanding bill is paid, so I am hoping you will help me with these animals in strife. Due to your generosity, we have raised the funds for Coco and Spike and so many others in the past…I am confident that, between us, we will also manage
So far, my combined vet bill for Boo Boo, Topsy and Turvy is over $800, even with it for Boo Boo. Thank you in anticipation of your much appreciated support.

Topsy and Turvy Topsy and Turvy

If you are able to make a donation towards the vet bill, the boarding cattery or Boo Boo’s surgery, please post a cheque to:

Linda Nunn (Animal Re-homing), PO BOX 35-298, Browns Bay, North Shore City, Auckland 0753, or a direct payment can be made to Linda Nunn (Animal Re-homing) 12 3042 0208233 01

Please also note some of the animals who are looking for special homes. Tika, the rabbit, has been waiting a very long time for her special people with a nice, big, cosy enclosure. And Simba the cat deserves a heavenly future. Thank you again…

Love Linda (Animal Re-homing)