I am so very humbled by the outpouring of support to help me with my work with animals in strife. I have received countless encouraging e-mails and letters - many from people who have adopted or re-homed animals through me and many from complete strangers. My e-mail plea has been forwarded by caring folk to their friends and work colleagues, others posted it on facebook and different sites, some made phone calls on my behalf, others carried a donation tray around the workplace cafeteria and some made anonymous donations without leaving a trace…

Boo Boo

I’m very grateful that two animal agencies assisted with Boo Boo’s upcoming surgery costs and seven kind women staged a successful raffle in Auckland. Thank you so much to Sheryl, Marilyn, Margaret and Val from Silverdale Cat Rescue, to Twink from Purrpetual Cattery, to Animal Re-homing volunteer Rowee and to animal lover Mary…and also to Cara and Jason of Colour Scope Signs in Albany who were moved to provide their professional outdoor raffle signage for a tiny token fee.

The North Shore Times and the Auckland City Harbour News kindly printed the abandonment story and That’s Life magazine gave it space too. From these publications I received further letters, donations and offers of practical and adoption help..

Donations large and small were attached to some of the postal mail and e-mail notes advised that donations had been made on-line. Some ex-patriots contributed from the UK and Australia and one man organised a cheque from Toronto. Another lady generously donated directly to Forrest Hill Vet Clinic who had so trustingly allowed my account to soar to almost $5,000 due to my recent work with colonies of homeless cats.

The outcome is all that I could have hoped for! My vet bill was 100% cleared yesterday (although I have already had another rescue animal there today) and the Purrpetual Boarding Cattery has given Topsy and Turvy 8 weeks of heavily discounted service beyond compare. The money for Boo Boo’s surgery is put aside. There was enough raised to buy some much needed trapping and rehabilitation equipment. I will also invest in petrol vouchers for volunteers and some form of heating to keep the fragile and recovering animals warm through the upcoming winter.

The extended family who is fostering Boo Boo has confirmed that they would like to adopt him after his confinement period in their lounge room. Watch the HAPPY ENDINGS page for news of Boo Boo’s surgery outcome and of these well-deserved adoptions into super homes. However, the young cats Topsy and Turvy, who were abandoned with him, are still looking for an ideal home together. Please contact me if you know of anyone who may be suitable for them. Their advert may be viewed here.

To all of you, some of whom I have not yet had time to contact and others who have donated anonymously …my deepest and heartfelt thanks. Sometimes this work feels very isolating, very harsh and exhausting; but when compassionate souls unite to make a difference, this work can feel shared, uplifting and energizing.

Thank you to each of you for being part of the Animal Re-homing team!

Love Linda.