When local man Shaun (and Ralph, his Jack Russell x) saw a huge dog wandering aimlessly through Browns Bay shopping area, he followed him and contacted us for help.

We enticed the American Bulldog x Mastif with tidbits, slipped a loop over his head and invited him into our car. Fortunately he obliged and the hunt was then on for his guardians.

A few hours later we were in touch with a delighted woman named Shirley and learned that this big soft boy "Boof" was stolen during a burglary... or after the thieves left their gate open. This was over two months ago and over an hour's drive from the North Shore. The family's search for him has been fruitless until now.

Photographic evidence and a call to council confirmed Shirley's story, along with Boof's enthusiastic response when we called him by name.

Thank you so much to Shaun and all of our wonderful followers for sharing Boof's post far and wide. Between us all, he and his family have a very HAPPY ENDING and we can all sleep peacefully tonight.

NOTE: If you have seen anyone with Boof, in the Browns Bay area or anywhere else during the past 2 months, please contact us with details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.