Coco & Spike have both been saved – thanks to your donations!

Coco & Spike have both been saved – thanks to your donations!


A kind vet nurse took Coco home to monitor her progress since she left Forrest Hill Vet Clinic. Due to her necessary confinement, Coco’s bowels have been sluggish and she needed an enema on Friday to get things moving again. She is now toileting as she should be and her stitches will be removed tomorrow. Following a vet check and her booster vaccination on November 5th, it’s possible her new caregivers may be able to take her home for the remainder of her rehab.

And, as if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, enough money was raised that Spike’s euthanasia was also cancelled, his surgery went ahead and he has been recovering with us and gaining confidence, since last Wednesday.

His stitches came out today and after his booster vaccination on November 11th, he too will be ready for a loving home. The photos show him soon after his surgery and settling in on our bed.

Just over 100 compassionate people made donations starting at $5.00 to enable Animal Re-homing to instruct the vets to save these beautiful young animals who faced an untimely death through no fault of their own.

Thank you to each and every one of you for opening your hearts and acting quickly enough that life-saving steps could be taken for Coco and Spike. They have gone from being injured and redundant to having their medical needs taken care of and being absolutely cherished. That’s truly a happy ending!

Love from a very relieved Linda…and if they could speak our language…love from Coco and Spike too.

20th October 2009

Coco Update

I have been visiting Coco every second day and she is doing extremely well. She had a slight fever for one day and wasn’t as affectionate as usual, but that normalized overnight…so she is back to her smoochy little self again.

Coco Coco

Today she is incredibly talkative – no-one can go past her without her engaging them in conversation…and that inevitably leads to a cuddle session.

These photos of Coco and I were taken by my husband, Paul, at the vet clinic yesterday. She’s an absolute delight. After she has been in care with a vet nurse for about 2 weeks, she may be able to spend the next 4 weeks in her recovery crate with her new caregivers.

I also gave permission for a cat named Spike to have surgery on a huge abscess on the top of his head because he too had been surrendered for euthanasia.

I am hopeful that there will be enough donations to cover both operations and thereby save two beautiful lives. Is anyone able to foster Spike for me until a suitable home is found for him?

Love and appreciation to you all for your generosity, Linda.

13th October 2009

Coco is doing well

This morning I went to visit Coco before she went in for her surgery. She welcomed me like a long lost friend with her little paws kneading her blanket, purring deliriously and giving me exuberant and affectionate head bunts. It was as though she knew that help was on its way.

I waited nervously for the vet to contact me. When he did, Kevin said that the slightly angled bone fracture between her knee and her ankle aligned very well with pinning and a little bone fragment had to be wired into place too. Now she just has to be kept as still as possible for about 6 weeks while the bones knit. Coco will live in a comfortable holding pen in the home of a vet nurse until she is ready for adoption…

She is already eating well and being hugely affectionate with the vet staff, rolling onto her back and playfully batting at their hands through her continuous purrs. She really is a lovely, quite humorous and sweet natured little girl. With her whole life ahead of her, doesn’t it feel wonderful to have come to her rescue?

Thank you so much to all of you who have made donations great and small to enable me to go ahead with this surgery. Some of you I do not even know and this is the only place I can thank you for your compassionate action. Please introduce yourselves and let me know if you would like to be added to my animal-friendly data base.

I am sure enough will be raised to pay for Coco’s surgery and, hopefully, even some left over for her final X-ray, rehabilitative care and pre-adoptive preparation costs.

Many thanks also to Forrest Hill Vet Clinic for slashing Coco’s vet bill in half. It’s pretty special to be working alongside a practice with so much heart. This is not the first time we have worked together to save animals’ lives.

Please watch this space for Coco’s next update – with photographs!

With love and appreciation for all of your ongoing support. Linda.

11th October 2009


The lovely, talkative, blue-eyed Himalayan Persian Seal Point cat pictured was taken to a vet clinic for euthanasia just before the weekend. She has a severely broken leg.


Because she is otherwise in good health, is full of purrs and affection and is less than two years old, the clinic contacted me to see if, between us, we can save her life. Her caregivers gave permission for Animal Re-homing to try to raise funds. A new, loving home is now awaiting Coco…but only if the surgery is possible.

Due to a fall or a heavy impact, one of the bones of Coco’s hind legs has completely snapped in half. It can be surgically repaired and she should have full use of it after a contained rehabilitation period. Her coat was so badly matted that she has almost had to have a full body shave.

With the pain associated with matting now removed, it’s not surprising that she is exhibiting happiness, smooching and kneading her bedding - regardless of her serious injury.

Meanwhile, the leg has been bound with supportive bandaging and the vet clinic is keeping Coco medicated with pain relief and has compassionately reduced their costs to the bare minimum.


The usual price for Coco's surgery and care would be over $1,600 but the vet clinic will do it for $ 800 to save Coco.

Please contribute whatever you can afford to help us to save Coco.

She needs her surgery this coming week.

Urgent donations may be made by cheque or by direct credit. Please be a crucial part of her happy ending... In gut-wrenching anticipation of your support

Love Linda Nunn (Animal Re-homing)