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Are you sick of animal abuse in New Zealand? This video was filmed by Farmwatch inside current Craddock “Family” Farms.

Take action! Join us at 8am outside the Environment Court in Auckland on the 26th of November to ‪#‎StopCraddockFarms‬.https://www.facebook.com/events/900239480050622/

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Craddock Farms Ltd was refused resource consent to build a chicken prison in Auckland, so they are taking it to the courtroom to try and get their way.

They want to build this obnoxious mega colony cage facility in the small South Auckland village of Patumahoe. It would keep 310,000 hens trapped in stacked cages at any time.

But what can you do about it?

As a consumer you have the power to influence the way businesses like Craddock Farms operate. So come along, get involved, lend your voice and together we will show that we will not stand for such barbaric practises.

Colony cages condemn hens to a life of agony. Each bird has a space smaller than an A4 piece of paper so they can’t walk around or stretch their wings. The small wire cages are kept inside semi dark sheds so the birds never experience fresh air, sunshine or scratching in the dirt. These cages are already banned or being phased out in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, and supermarkets in Germany and The Netherlands refuse to sell colony cage eggs. When will New Zealand catch up?