This wee fellow is Danny, a Jack Russell who will be 14 in February.

I re-homed Danny 3 years ago to George, a beneficiary who has just had a serious heart attack and is now hospitalised. When/if he is well enough, George will undergo bypass surgery. This means Danny needs immediate long-term foster care and a possible permanent retirement home.

For the past week, Danny, who has never been alone for more than a couple of hours, has been living at his home alone, with someone going in with food once a day. Danny is not coping, the stress has caused his skin allergy to flair (he is now on prednisone), his barking is causing complaints and he is becoming depressed. Dog boarding facilities are unaffordable and fully booked for the upcoming Christmas and holiday period.

Danny will chase cats and sometimes he challenges big dogs. He enjoys the company of small dogs and loves the company of adults and gentle older children. He enjoys a daily leash walk and a foster home where he is seldom left alone would be best.

Do you know of a suitable foster home for Danny, preferably in the Auckland area? The North Shore would be ideal, but not essential.