Earthlings Experience

Eleven of Animal Re-homing's dedicated volunteers bolstered the numbers at Auckland Earthlings Experience #5 during the weekend. This global public action centres around the award winning documentary "Earthlings".

Even though it was a cold wet day, there were plenty of curious pedestrians at the busy Queen Street intersection - two of whom spontaneously left the street, donned masks and joined the event to raise awareness of animal suffering - especially in the meat and dairy industries.

Many people were horrified to discover that animals are terrified, brutalised, mutilated and suffer horrific conditions so that human taste-buds are entertained. Most didn't know that male chicks in the egg industry are killed on the day they hatch or that male calves in the dairy industry are slaughtered within days of their birth. Several said they would now consider going vegetarian or vegan.

Many thanks to Daniel's team for organising this important event. We look forward to joining them at the next one.

To watch Earthlings: Click here

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