Three healthy little dogs will be lethally injected - unless immediate foster care or animal-friendly accommodation is found.spats2

Their distraught caregiver, Carol, has desperately tried to find rental accommodation, but none is available for her with Harry (8), Buster (8) and Spats (10). She cannot afford kennelling fees.

Harry is a Miniature Schnauzer, Buster is a smooth-coated Jack Russell and Spats is a wire-coated Jack Russell. All are friendly neutered males.

They will chase cats and have never met any children. They sleep on Carol's bed each night and seldom leave her fenced property.

Emergency foster care or suitable rental accommodation is needed. Ideally the dogs would all stay together, but in this dire situation, they may have to be fostered separately.

They are currently living on the North Shore of Auckland.

Please let me know ASAP if you (or someone you know) is able to foster all/any of these little boys. Or if you know of an animal-friendly landlord for this pensioner and her companions.

I will be seeking permanent homes for these dogs if we are unable to secure suitable accommodation for this tight-knit family in the near future...

Thank you.


Carol was intensely relieved when I asked her to cancel Buster, Spats and Harry's appointments for lethal injections. She has moved in as our only human shelter guest and, like her non-human counterparts, is recovering from weeks of distress, lack of sleep and inability to eat. We have placed her beloved dogs in the care of a nearby boarding facility so she is able to visit them and take them off the premises at will.

Having spent exhausting hours speaking with real estate agents and landlords, I am ecstatic that animal-loving couple, Linda and Shane, have come forward to offer Carol and her fur-family an ideal rental situation - which will be available to them some time in the future.

On her move-out deadline date, in an act of faith and desperation, Carol instructed the removal company to take her houselot to this rental address which she had never viewed. Her future landlords have her best interests at heart and, noting her disability, are immediately installing a remote-opening garage door for her and an outdoor stair handrail.

My deep gratitude to all who distributed my plea and put it on their own websites and social media pages. Thanks also to Pets on the Net for giving it priority status. The dozens of genuine offers of foster and permanent care for these little dogs has been emotional and overwhelming. Please forgive me if I have been unable to respond to each of you in person.

Huge appreciation to Heather and Susan who have sponsored the cost of  vet checks, micro-chip registration, double vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. If anyone can help with the dentistry each of these little boys need, I would love to hear from you. 

Professional groomer Linde Walker graciously stepped forward to give Harry an urgent groom and each of the dogs a much-needed nail clip. Thanks to her expertise and generosity, they can now run and play in comfort.

We also look forward to accepting Sonia’s kind offer of a complimentary groom for each of these dogs following their kennelling period. Please continue to check our website for further updates and future photographs.

Heartfelt thanks to Victoria and Sonia and to Shawn from The Animal Sanctuary for helping with the discounted kennelling fees of $30 per day. If anyone else is able to contribute to the costs of this rescue, please click here.


To read the outcome for Carol and her three gorgeous dogs, please go to our Happy Endings page. Click here.

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